Cash Envelopes Alternative with Green Dot

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Green Dot. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love the concept of cash envelopes and having those funds separate from our bank account, but I really don’t like carrying cash- not only is it not the safest thing, I worry that I’ll lose it, which would really be a bummer. Recently, I learned about the new Green Dot Bank Cash-Back Visa Debit Card, which works just like a bank account, and allows me to keep our “cash envelopes” separate and safe.

If you are new to cash envelopes- basically, these are a way to keep your budget under control by paying cash for everyday expenses and budgeting for them properly. Common cash envelopes include groceries, “fun money”, dining out, and clothing. The way I’m using my Green Dot Bank Cash-Back Visa Debit Card as an alternative is instead of carrying cash or having to get cash and divide it into envelopes, I just put the money from my bank account, or direct deposit it directly onto the card, and I keep track of my categories with this printable.

You can download this printable here.

With the Green Dot Bank Cash-Back Visa Debit Card you can earn  cash back on eligible purchases. You can also get your money up to two days earlier with ASAP Direct Deposit. Green dot has a transparent fee structure and is proud to offer our cardholders no overdraft charges, no penalty fees and no minimum balance requirements.1

This is such a great solution to traditional cash envelopes. The card is pre-loaded with the amount you select. Just like with cash envelopes, I know when I use all of my funds, that’s it until I reload more money on payday and my envelopes start over. This definitely holds me accountable for my budget and helps me stay on track with my financial goals. Then, I use my printable just to keep track of my balances and what I have left in each category.

I recently picked up some new play shoes for my son so he could keep his school shoes clean and nice for school, so this came from our clothing fund off of our Green Dot Bank Debit Card. I love that I can go online and check my balance, reload my card, etc.. just like with my regular bank account.

To keep track I just write down the date I used the money, what category it was for, how much it cost, what we have left for that category, and then the total balance on our card. This way there are no surprises and I know what we are working with. I also tend to roll over funds some months for things like clothing and entertainment so I can do that. It’s so much easier than keeping up with cash, having to pull cash from the bank, and then remembering to bring my cash when I shop.

I love this easy solution for keeping my budget in check, thanks to Green Dot.

Don’t forget to download your printable, and then visit Green Dot online to learn more about this card. Bank Smart. Get Rewarded. Get a Green Dot card today!

1 Fees and limits apply.

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