15 Passive Income Ideas for Your Etsy Shop

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I should probably do a disclaimer, that I could talk about passive income all day. I have been obsessed with passive income since I started my Etsy shop 6 years ago selling printables. I have done both- selling digital products and physical products on Etsy and it’s no surprise that digital products are my favorite.

I love that digital products give me the freedom to spend more time with my babies and work on other things in my business. That is time I wouldn’t have if I was making physical products and having to dedicate time to filling orders everyday. Don’t get me wrong- any way to make a living from home is freedom, even if you are making and shipping physical products. However, digital products provide a passive income that can add to your income without extra time spent working. If you can create a business entirely on passive income, that would be the dream, right?

Today I’m sharing 15 passive income ideas for your Etsy shop.

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Let’s get into the passive income ideas-

1. Organizational Printables

This is exactly what I do over in my Etsy shop.  There are a lot of people who love getting organized with printables, so these are a great option.

2. Decorative Wall Art Printables

I love DIY wall art, and I know there is a big market for this on Etsy, as well. Think nursery art, wall art, etc…

3. Party Decor Printables

You could do themed birthday printables, printable party decor, and more. The possibilities are endless.

4. Printable Party Games

These would fit perfectly in a shop with other party printables- think baby shower games, bridal shower games, and more.

5. Party Invitations

Another great addition to a party shop. Everyone needs invitations for their party, too!

6. Patterns/Templates

Do you know how to sew or crochet? Create patterns to sell to your customers on Etsy. You can make these for personal use only or get even more sales by offering them for small commercial use. Be sure to outline your choices in your shop policies.

7. Photography Prints

You can sell high resolution photos for your customers to have printed at their local print shop (or, use a manufacturer to print them for your customers.. more on that below!)

8. Stock Photography

Businesses love stock photography, especially bloggers and online business owners. You can sell them your photography shots for them to use on their website.

9. Premade Blog/Website Designs

If you know how to do blog and web design- this is perfect for you. Custom design work can take a lot of time. Create pre-made designs and sell them on Etsy to add to your income!

10. Graphics/Clipart

Know how to design basic graphics and clipart? There is a HUGE market for this on Etsy, as a lot of designers are on there looking for clipart to use in their projects everyday.

11. Fonts

Know how to create fonts? I know I am always looking for new and fresh fonts to use in my projects and for my business. Create your own fonts and sell them for commercial use!

12. Informational Guides/Workbooks

Do you have a skill that you’d like to teach others? You can create a simple informational guide or even a workbook for your customers to work through.

13. Wedding Signage/Invitations

Weddings are BIG on Etsy. Create printable wedding decor, signs, and invitations for your shop.

14. Wedding/Baby Announcements

Announcements are also very popular, not just for weddings, but engagements, new babies, and more. Create printables that your customers can print themselves and fill out. If you want, you can even add their information to the announcements, custom.

15. Branding Graphics

You can create branding sets for your business owning customers to download and customize themselves, or you can add their custom information for them for an extra fee. This would go great in a shop with pre-made blog/web design!

When it comes to invitations/announcements, you could take this a step further and not only offer printables, but also offer printing services through a 3rd party manufacturer. This way, your customers get a finished product, without you having to make it. Just be sure to note your manufacturers within your Etsy account under “About Your Shop.”

I hope that these ideas got your wheels spinning on possible ideas to start your own Etsy shop. Don’t forget to sign up above to get my free e-course on setting up your Etsy shop + my printable Etsy SEO guide!

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