How to Sell on Etsy | How I Made Over $40,000 on Etsy in 2019

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Hey Etsy friends, or soon to be Etsy friends! Today I wanted to share with you how I made over $40,000 on Etsy in 2019. There are so many out there looking for the answers and the “secret sauce” of how to sell on Etsy and how to make it your full time income or at least a really great side hustle or part time income. I’ve been selling on Etsy in my shop since 2013, and have made almost $300,000 total in that time. While my income and expenses have varied from year to year, I have learned a lot about what it takes to sell on Etsy and earn a full time income. Full disclosure, Etsy is not my only income stream, but it is by far my largest. For years I’ve wanted to take my knowledge and help others start and be successful on Etsy, so that brings us to today.

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Here’s a screenshot of my 2019 Etsy revenue. Keep in mind, this is largely before expenses. Some fees have already been deducted from this number that displays on my stats page, but there are other Etsy fees that I pay, I do promoted listings and pay for advertising, and I have to buy supplies to make and ship physical products, and purchase lots of shipping labels for those orders. I also have some tools that I use for Etsy, including Godaddy bookkeeping, Tailwind scheduling for Pinterest, Canva to help make pins and listing images, and more. Plus, there are taxes, which I’m getting ready to pay in the next month or two. I’m not going over all of those expenses today, but through the whole year I’ve still brought in more income than I would at a traditional job. 

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2019 started off slow, which we’ll talk about. I was averaging about $1,700 a month in revenue from January through May, because I was experimenting with getting rid of physical products and going back to having digital products only in my shop. What I found is that I ended up doing lots of other things to raise my other income streams to make up for that lost income, and towards the end of May I decided to bring back the physical products to my shop. For June through December, I averaged about $4,900 a month. Even with the cost of shipping, and buying supplies and shipping supplies, going back to selling physical products this year greatly increased my revenue.

To be honest, my analysis of this based on the products I have in my shop is that over the last 6 years, demand for the digital products I’ve got available has gotten lower, but the demand for the physical products I sell is higher than ever. That’s not to say I couldn’t introduce different digital products and raise my digital side of my income. That’s definitely something I want to explore in 2020.

This past year has really been about learning to streamline my processes when it comes to my physical products, upgrading equipment and getting more equipment. I’ve had lots of equipment related issues this year, and I’m hopeful that I’ve hit my stride now and 2020 is going to be my best year on Etsy, yet.

Now, when it comes to the things I’ve done with my shop that I feel like have led to this level of income, there are a few things that I believe are key.

  • SEO
  • Great listing photos
  • Great listing pages

There are a lot of people out here who will tell you not to worry about SEO, and that you should not rely on Etsy for traffic and promote your shop on your own, and while this is absolutely true, SEO can not be ignored if you want a successful shop.

Let’s take a look at where my traffic came from in 2019.

You can see from a breakdown of my traffic, Etsy sends me 64% of my traffic, and I bring 36% of my traffic.

That 64% of my traffic is 100% because of SEO and I think it is the most important part of your shop.

As for traffic I’m bringing, you can see that a chunk of that was from paying for promoted listings through Etsy. For social media, my biggest traffic source is Pinterest, while that was down in 2019, and Instagram was up. Then, the “direct and other traffic” is mostly traffic sent from my blog, and includes small traffic amounts from other websites. I hope that this year I can dive even further into how I utilize all of these sources and the things I do to drive traffic to my Etsy shop. We’ll also be chatting all about Etsy in 2020 over in my new Facebook group for Etsy sellers.

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Leave me your questions in the comments below so I can expand on how to sell on Etsy in line with what you are interested in learning!

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