How to Make Extra Money with Swagbucks- 11 EASY Tips

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Hey guys! Today I’m back sharing a little 411 on one of my FAVORITE programs ever- Swagbucks! I’ve been a member for several years now and I love earning extra Amazon gift cards to buy little things I’m wanting, and to even save up for Christmas gifts! BONUS! I’m sharing a code at the bottom of the post for YOU to get 100 extra swagbucks when you sign up with my code!

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How to Make Extra Money with Swag Bucks

I really don’t spend any time on this at all- the bulk of my earnings are through using their search function & my referrals I’ve gotten over the years. I figured I’m overdue for sharing my tips on how to make extra money with Swagbucks! Stick around & then go and sign up, so you can start earning today! Here is just a little snippet of my Amazon cards I’ve earned (click the images in this post to enlarge)-

How to Make Extra Money with Swag Bucks

Here are 11 EASY ways to earn Swagbucks!

1. Toolbar- under “Discover” on the main menu bar at you’ll find extensions- download the toolbar (or Google Chrome extension!)… the toolbar is AWESOME because you can quickly use  it to do search & earn AND get notified about new Swagbucks codes (more on those soon!)

2. Daily Goal- Swagbucks gives you a daily goal to reach for bonus Swagbucks! for example- my goal is 30 Swagbucks & I get 3 bonus Swagbucks once I reach that!

3. Daily Poll- Earn a Swagbuck just with a few simple clicks by taking the daily poll. (takes seconds)

4. NOSO- these are “no obligation special offers”- you view a few special offers for the day- no obligation to take advantage of any of them- and earn swagbucks just for viewing them! (takes about a minute)

5. Search & Earn- this is where you use Swagbucks’ search tool to search the web- you can earn NICE Swagbucks with this, I usually earn 5-30 when I do win on a search. It takes a few, so use it every time you search to make sure you earn each day. (quick & easy, and you’re doing this online anyway!)

6. Swagbucks Codes- You’ll be notified on the toolbar- if you have it- when these are available! Just find the code & enter it in to win a few Swagbucks! (usually takes less than a minute)

7. Surveys- these take a little more time, but are worth a lot of Swagbucks. If you have extra time, fill a few out to raise your $$ amount!

8. Swagbucks TV- Watch videos on Swagbucks TV and earn 3 Swagbucks for every 10 videos. I usually leave these playing in the background all day!

9. Coupons- Do you clip coupons?? Clip them from Swagbucks & earn- then earn more when you use them at the store!

10. FREE Special Offers- these take a little time, too, and I normally don’t do ones I’m not interested in, but if you want you can find these under “Discover” and “Special Offers”- click on the FREE offers & complete those- usually it involves signing up for a newsletter, etc…

11. Referrals- Refer others!! You earn 10% of what they earn- for life! This can add up quickly if you refer your family & friends! That’s a pretty sweet deal & you don’t have to do anything to earn this way!

Okay, so there are several easy ways to earn more Swagbucks! Also, I just want to share a few tips- I personally do not enter personal info on any offers- my CC numbers, SSN, etc.. I just don’t. Unless there’s a free trial I want to take advantage of that I know- such as Netflix 😉 Use good judgement and ALWAYS be careful giving out personal info. Also, if you sign up for free trials- remember to cancel them before you get charged! I don’t do these often, like I said, unless it’s something I really want to take advantage of! But don’t worry- I still do very well on Swagbucks WITHOUT doing these!

Here’s a snapshot of my lifetime earnings!

How to Make Extra Money with Swag Bucks

However, as always keep in mind, neither I or Swagbucks can guarantee ANY certain amount of earnings! It’s totally up to YOU! This is just an example of what I have done.

If you’d like to sign up for Swagbucks, go here! (full disclosure- this is my affiliate link!)

***When signing up with my link, make sure you click “I have a sign up code” and use the code mamasgotit for 100 swagbucks to start you out!***

Want more ways to earn extra money?? Be sure to visit my post on how to earn $$ from your smart phone!

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  1. TO be honest, I was quite skeptical about swagbucks, mostly because I don;t personally know anyone who has had success with it, but I guess I will give it a try this year.

    Thanks for sharing these tips.

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