Healthy Family Meal Plan | February 2020 Meal Plan

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Hey friend, and welcome back for another healthy family meal plan. While I’ve shared our clean eating meal plans in the past, these meals are not perfectly “clean” and we are allowing ourselves a little bit of freedom with foods in order to stay consistent and really see lasting changes to our eating habits. I do feel these are on the healthier side, and I typically will pair these with potatoes or rice and one or two vegetables to complete the meal. I’m also doing one pasta meal a week just to limit how much pasta we’re eating. Pasta and ground beef are both things that shoot up the calorie amounts in our meals and make it harder for me to stick to my calories.

You can follow more about how I’m losing weight over on my Instagram. Okay, so for this meal plan, you can see the video below of how I planned our meals, and you can check out all of the recipes saved on my February Meal Plan board, here and save them for your own meal planning.

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Okay, so let’s jump in. In the video I talked about my weight loss progress so far and kind of what I’m eating in a day to continue seeing steady results. Our breakfasts and lunches are all pretty different, but we do eat dinner together as a family most nights, and then the other times it is me and my boys. As I mentioned, I won’t necessarily make everything in this order, I can change things and move them around and probably will when I got to do our weekly planning so that the meals work well with our schedule. I love doing crock pot meals on extra busy days, or reserving those days for our one takeout night a week.

However, planning all of these meals in advance for the month definitely takes some of the thought process and deciding what to have off my plate. All I have to do is plug the meals in each week in a way that works well for us and will help us stick to cooking at home over eating out every night. I’m also repeating a few meals that I know we enjoy, but I’m not  doing as much repeating as I was previously, because with trying to eat healthier foods, I want to be sure that we are getting a variety and not getting burnt out on the same foods and the same flavors over and over.

This month I basically blocked off one night a week for takeout, then one night for pasta, one night for chicken, one night for pork chops, one night for beef, and one night for soup. Then, I can shift and move the meals to the day they’ll work best or just whenever we want to eat each meal when I do my weekly planning. Here’s what we’re having.

Crock pot Vegetable Lentil Soup

Browned Butter Pork Chops

Chicken and Broccoli Pasta

Garlic Butter Chicken and Rice

Beef with Broccoli

Shrimp Boil Packets

Spinach and White Bean Soup

Crock Pot Ranch Pork Chops

Garlic Butter Steak Bites and Potatoes

Cajun Chicken Thighs

Garlic Shrimp Skillet

Crock Pot Potato Soup

Garlic Pork Chops

Ground Turkey Stroganoff

Brown Sugar Chicken

Lasagna Soup

Ranch Chicken Thighs

Shrimp and Gnocchi

I hope you got some meal planning inspiration from me or some ideas for new recipes to feed your family. Leave me your meal planning questions below so I can answer them in upcoming posts and videos!

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