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5 Tips for Baby Gas Pain Relief

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5 Tips for Baby Gas Pain Relief

5 Tips for Baby Gas Pain Relief

Guys, pregnancy amnesia is a real thing, and I have also come to learn these past few weeks that newborn life amnesia is, too. I had completely forgotten about the dreaded gas pains. Thinking back now, I distinctly remember standing in our downstairs bathroom with the fan running patting our older son trying to combat the gas pains then. As a first time mom, I also remember being at a loss on how to help my baby feel better. Needless to say we learned a lot about baby gas and how to get relief, and this came in very handy starting about a week or two ago when our baby started struggling with gas himself.

We have sort of a routine that we do now when he gets upset to help deal with the gas, and I wanted to share my 5 tips for dealing with baby gas pains with you guys in case anyone else out there is struggling.

Here’s what we do…

1. It starts with the burp. With the new baby we had to try a lot of different burping positions and we often have to switch it up, but I know if he has a couple of feedings and I don’t get any burps out we are headed for trouble. I try to burp him frequently throughout his feeding, too. Sometimes when he’s half asleep dream feeding he eats super fast, so getting him to take breaks and try to burp helps that, too.

2. Gas drops (or gripe water)… we have started off this time using gas drops, because that’s what we used with our older son, too, but it turns out after some research I learned that gas drops only work for babies about 50% of the time. We’ve never tried gripe water before, but I think we may try to see if it works better for us than the gas drops. Some babies will do well with one thing while other babies might respond better to different methods so it helps to try different things to see what works for your baby.

Also, I’ve noticed gas drops make his poo a little runny and instead of lots of smaller bowel movements we usually get one monster bowel movement a day.. not 100% sure it is from the drops, but that’s when it started. We also don’t give the max doses (12 per day?!) we only give him drops about 3 times a day.

3. Baby gas exercises.. when the gas drops aren’t working 50% of the time or in between his doses, we will do bicycle legs and other baby exercises to help work the gas out. This video on Youtube was really helpful…

4. Baby massage. She shows you in that video above too how to do baby massage. I do this in conjunction with the leg movements and it seems to help a lot. Light pressure on the tummy seems to help work those bubbles out… I’ve also noticed that he prefers to lay on his tummy when he’s gassy, too, so add tummy time to that list!

5. A warm bath… this one is harder for me because I don’t like to bathe new babies daily… they just don’t need it and I don’t want to dry his skin out, but a warm bath in the evening definitely helps him to relax his muscles and pass the gas… baths are just calming in general for babies, so they’re really helpful. We use this bedtime baby wash and lotion for bath times.

Okay, so even with all of these things, I feel like we are fighting a constant battle with gas at this point (he’s only 3 1/2 weeks old) and I can’t wait for his system to mature and hopefully start handling this gas better asap. I hope that these tips are helpful and if you have any other baby gas secrets, let us know in the comments below!

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  1. If you are breastfeeding, I also suggest changing up your diet. If bottle feeding, it could be the type of formula. We dealt with terrible gas with my daughter.

  2. My baby had severe gas and tummy ache and nothing was relieving him until we put him on babies magic tea. It was amazing that soothed our baby instantly.

  3. Our pediatrician recommended gerber soothe colic drops with probiotics and they have been, seriously, life changing! They’re expensive ($30 for 1/2oz) but 100% worth every penny!

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