2019 Planner Inserts | New Releases!

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I have an exciting announcement to share today. Our basic inserts for 2018-2019 are now available in the shop! I finished designing the 2019 planner inserts and they are officially available in vertical and horizontal weekly layouts, plus monthly layouts for personal and half size (for a5 planners). These inserts all run October 2018 – December 2019, so you can start using them right away. Psst… you can also use the code NEWRELEASES19 to save 10% off any purchase in my Etsy shop!

I have these inserts as printables if you want to print your own, with printing instructions included. We have also brought back PRINTED inserts for 2019, so you can also get them printed, cut, hole punched, and shipped to you, ready to use in your planner! If you are new to ring bound planners and want to learn more, I did a couple of posts earlier this week that you might find helpful.

I also filmed a quick flip through of these inserts for my Youtube channel, if you want to see them in action-

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Half Size 2019 Planner Inserts

Here are the Half Size layouts that are new for 2019-

Half Size Monthly – these have notes pages on each end of every month so that they can be positioned however you like in your planner. You can keep them all together or separate them, it’s totally up to you.


Half Size Vertical Weekly- these are compatible with your favorite Erin Condren sized planner stickers!


Half Size Horizontal Weekly- this layout is new to the shop! The inner boxes are approx. two inches tall, and of course the inserts are 5.5 inches wide.



Personal Size 2019 Planner Inserts

Personal Size Monthly- these are laid out just like the half size with notes pages between. Small and portable for personal size planners.


Personal Size Vertical Weekly- these are also compatible with Erin Condren sized stickers- the boxes are visibly longer than the traditional ECLP box, but they are the same width and the stickers still work perfectly.


Personal Size Horizontal Weekly- these inserts have also gotten a bit of a makeover, and the inner boxes measure 1.5 inches tall. The inserts are 3.75 inches wide. Interestingly, these would fit Erin Condren half boxes sideways perfectly. I can’t wait to play around with these.



There you have it guys, the new inserts for 2019! I have a lot more inserts in the works, including several different weekly layouts, and more. I’ll be working towards doing new releases each week, but that won’t start until after our Traveler’s Notebook inserts are designed in these styles and we get those up in the shop. Our goal is to have that done by November 1st!

Be sure and leave a comment letting us know what inserts you need for your planner. I love your feedback and suggestions so that I can spend time designing things that will help you get your planner and your life organized.

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