Printable Blog Planner

The Mama’s Got It Together Printable Blog Planner

Printable Blog Planner from Mama's Got It Together

Are you ready to take your blog to the next level? Whether your goal is to make money with your blog or you just want to increase your traffic and following, consistency and planning are the biggest keys to a successful blog. Without a plan it’s easy to forget to post, forget about staying active on social media. Use this blog planner to organize your blog, social media posts, giveaways, sponsored posts, and more! This planner contains everything you need to get your blog on track for success. I’ve taken my own personal needs as a blogger into account and created this planner full of pages to help you get & stay organized with your blog.

This planner is available in THREE different color schemes! Please note: the Blog planner is currently only available in standard size (8.5 x 11 inch)

Printable Blog Planner from Mama's Got It Together

Dots // Blue // Bright


Here’s a closer look at what pages are included in your planner-

Printable Blog Planner from Mama's Got It Together

-Ad Network Stats – keep track of your ads and how well they perform on your blog.

-Annual Blog Plans – Get a general ideas of the events/activites that you want to take place on your blog each month & record them here!
15. Password Keeper- Record important site log-in information that pertains to your blog.

-Affiliate Information – keep track of which affiliate network your favorite programs are, what commissions they pay, etc…

-Advertising My Blog Sheet – Keep track of where you have purchased advertising- the cost, duration, and what kind of traffic you receive.

-Blog Calendar – A perpetual month at a glance calendar so you can see everything going on with your blog for the month.

-Blog Contacts – Keep track of all your important bloggy contacts.

-Blog Ideas – Use this sheet to write down all your ideas for posts, series, events, or whatever else.

-Giveaways on My Blog Sheet – Keep track of any giveaways that you have been asked to host on your blog- including who is sponsoring, what is being given away, etc…


Printable Blog Planner from Mama's Got It Together

-Blog Planner Cover – color coordinated cover or divider page for your Blog Planner

-Blog Post Planner – Develop your blog posts with this handy sheet.

-Post Promotion Checklist – a handy checklist of things to do after you hit publish!

-Blog Post Schedule – 31 Day slots to plan your blog posts for the entire month.

-Blog Series Planner – Use this sheet to plan out a blog series, including posts, giveaways, advertising, etc . for that series.

-Blog Statistics Sheet – Record your statistics for the entire year, that way you can see trends of growth in your blog.

Reviews on My Blog Sheet – keep up with reviews you’ve accepted to do on your blog.


Printable Blog Planner from Mama's Got It Together

-Weekly Blog Planner –  A week at a glance planner where you can plan your posts, social media “to-do’s”, and other daily tasks to grow your blog

-Guest Post Information – keep up with your guest posters on your blog

-Link Party Schedule – keep up with which link parties you need to link up to each day.

-Monthly Blog Earnings – Record any profit from sponsors, and any expenses for the month such as advertising.

-Monthly Blog Expenses – Record all your monthly expenses- supplies, advertising, etc.

-Monthly Blog Tasks – 31 Day slots to record any special tasks to be done on that day of the month.

-Password Keeper – Record important site log-in information that pertains to your blog.

-My Blog Sponsors – Keep track of your blog sponsors! They’re paying you, so you this way you can keep up with them!

My Printable Blog Planner costs just $10.00, and the pages are perpetual & undated, meaning you can use them as often as you need to, forever. Your download is yours to keep & you can print as many pages as you need.


I use these pages to keep my blog organized & to help myself be consistent, which is one of the biggest keys to having a successful blog. I love my blog planner, and I don’t think my blog would be remotely successful without it. I’ve included tons of helpful pages in this planning kit to help you track just about everything for your blog. It’s my hope that this kit will help other bloggers get organized & help them have successful blogs, too! Print your pages & put them into a regular three ring binder or an Arc notebook from Staples … ALSO, resize them to 84% & coil clip them into your Erin Condren Life Planner! Laminate & use a wet erase marker or sharpie to track your budget right there inside your life planner!