My Goals for 2020

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Hey guys, as promised in my 2020 goal setting worksheets video I’m sharing my 2020 goals with you all. If you have no interest what so ever in the goals I’ve set for 2020, feel free to pass on by this post, but I thought maybe this could be some inspiration for some of you that are thinking about what goals you are going to set for the new year.

If you want to grab these goal setting printables for yourself, you can get them here.

I want to start off by saying that I have literally a ton of goals. I have so many things I’m trying to achieve in my life right now and I don’t recommend having this many goals at once, at all. However, here we are, and these are all things that are important to me, so I’m going to talk about them.

Okay, so my goals for 2020 can essentially be broken down into 4 areas- financial goals, business goals, personal goals, and health goals. So, I’ll break them down like that for you, too.

My plan is to also do monthly or quarterly goal check-ins, just to update on whats happening and what I’ve achieved if you are interested in following along, and I’d love to hear about your goals and your wins, too! Leave me a comment on this post and tell me about a goal you reached in 2019.

Okay so first let’s talk about financial goals. Here are my financial goals for 2020-

  • Pay off all miscellaneous debt, outside our home, cars, and student loans
  • Budget monthly & weekly and stick to it, keep all of our bills current and start saving sinking funds and following a “cash-less” cash envelope system.
  • Save $100/month for Christmas (as a sinking fund).
  • Save $200/month in our emergency fund. Seeing as how we already own a home and have two wild boys who end up in urgent care every few months it seems, I want to have more than $1,000 in our emergency fund, my goal is $2,400 by the end of the year.
  • Get our roof fixed (The plan is to cash flow this, it will cost just the insurance deductible- $1,000)
  • Get our back yard fence replaced (Also cash flowing, estimated $3,000-$5,000)

Next I’ve got my personal goals which are most closely tied to parenting, to be honest.

  • Phone detox, “unplug” from phone when I’m not working and put it away.
  • Stricter work hours- I work from home so it is easy to just work all day long, but I’m hoping to establish a better routine with my processes and have stricter work hours throughout the week.
  • Be present + available to my kids when not working.
  • Plan monthly mother/son dates with each of my boys.
  • Keep the boys in an activity throughout the year. We’re doing basketball now, and we’re trying to figure out what’s next. My son hasn’t had the best time with sports but we are working to find something that he loves and can stick with each year. He also wants to try piano lessons so I need to find someone who does that locally.

Next, I’ve got my health goals-

  • Lose 60 lbs
  • Make exercising a part of my daily routine
  • Aim for 100 ounces of water everyday
  • Aim for fruits and veggies with every meal- eating 80% clean foods.

Finally, business goals-

  • Form an LLC
  • Grow the “digital” side of my business
  • Move physical products to a limited release stock system and possibly extend turnaround times.
  • Start and grow an Etsy/ecommerce blog and Youtube channel to teach others how to sell on Etsy successfully.
  • Show up on social media

I’ll share more about how I’m breaking these goals down when I share my monthly updates. I definitely want to update and keep a close eye on my progress. I’m breaking all of these down into quarterly goals, and then into monthly and weekly goals. You can read all about why I’m so obsessed with quarterly goals, here.

If you need a little help with goal setting, you can download my “Big Plans” for 2020 worksheet for free when you sign up for my email list below!


You can also get my full set of goal setting worksheets, here.

I’m so excited to be sharing about my goals here, again. I’m looking forward to being more transparent with the things that I’m doing and just documenting and sharing it all with you guys, too. We just never know how we can help others and make positive impacts unless we show up, so here I am! See you later when I chat about my goals specifically for January.

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