No School Planner Stickers

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Hey guys! I know that Summer just started, but as I’ve been setting up my new planner for 2018-2019. I’m working on new stickers and really wanted to create some no school planner stickers to mark when school is out. My son is going into Kindergarten this year, so I can’t wait to get to use these in my planner. I hope you enjoy these free planner sticker printables, you can sign up for my email list below to get access to my entire freebie library.

When it comes to printing and cutting your own stickers, here are some supplies that I recommend.

I just love creating free printable stickers, and I hope these no school planner stickers help you stay a little more organized this year.

Also be sure to check out our printables shop!

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  1. I can’t figure out how to download this printable. There is no link to download or save it. What am I doing wrong?

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