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Free Zone Cleaning Printable Planner Stickers!

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I have another freebie for you! I created this set of Zone Cleaning printable planner stickers! This freebie is great for marking what zone you are on each week, and I also recommend having a notes page in your planner outlining your tasks for each zone. I hope you enjoy these free planner sticker printables!

I think I managed to fit a whole year’s worth of zone stickers on this sheet for you, if you do one zone a week.

If you are new to printing your own stickers, here’s what you’ll need to get started-

  • Printer (this is the one I have, but there are lots of inexpensive printers at Walmart, Target, etc)
  • Ink! (I like to save by purchasing generic ink from Amazon)
  • Sticker Paper – I prefer Online Labels. You can get a ton of sheets that are excellent quality.
  • Scissors or an X-acto knife if you want to hand cut your stickers. (Don’t forget a mat if you use an x-acto knife!)
  • Silhouette Portrait if you want to learn to print & cut stickers that way.

To download these stickers and get access to all of my free printables, sign up for my email list below.

Make sure to right click and “unzip” or “extract” the files & make a note of where you save them on your computer!

If you want to see how I designed these, I filmed a Design With Me Video, too, which I will insert below!

Also be sure to check out our printables shop!

Don’t stop here- we have even more free printable stickers for your planner!

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