Plan With Me | July 17-24

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Hey ya’ll! I’m back with another Plan With Me video & I wanted to share some photos and details over here as well. Plus you can scroll down and see the video for yourself. It is a chatty/long-ish plan with me, I think the longest I have done… no white space planning can take a little while to put together. Anyway, onto the fun part…

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Plan With Me | July 17-24

So for starters I have been loving using printable sticker kits. I love that I can pick one out, purchase, print, and cut it with my silhouette in a matter of minutes. This kit is from the shop Paper and Gumption!

I’ve also custom made some stickers that are super functional for me… these are not all listed in my shop, so if you see something you want that hasn’t been listed, do let me know because I can always add them!

Plan With Me | July 17-24

I actually recently sat down and made myself a full weekly routine including work tasks and scheduled time to fill in fun activities with my little ones. It has been so helpful in keeping me on track and helping me be productive. I will probably do a video soon to show how I set it up and how easy it is to get organized with Google Calendar. I love my paper planning, but it is nice to have something quick to glance at and help me keep up with tasks I need to do. It goes by the hour, so it really helps me make the most of each day.

Plan With Me | July 17-24

The cute little hand drawn girls are from Miss Moss Gifts on Etsy- her illustrated planner stickers are ADORABLE!

So, here is the full week view before the pen. To see what it all looks like when I’m done, make sure to follow me over on Instagram.

Below you’ll find my video from Youtube- as I mentioned it is pretty lengthy and kind of a chatty plan with me, but hopefully you will enjoy a closer look at my planning process!

As always, if there are any planner tutorials or any other videos you’d like to see me film, do let me know in the comments!

Happy Planning!

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