Free Personal Size Printables- To Do List & Meal Planner!

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Hey guys! Today I have a couple of new freebies to share- my To Do List and Meals This Week free personal size printables! I’ve also got some really easy printing instructions for you, too. I know printing personal sized inserts can be a little difficult, so these are designed to be printed on traditional letter size paper (see which paper I recommend, here!) & they have an easy trimming guide for your paper trimmer!

You can pop these in your personal size planner for an easy to do list, or to keep track of your meals for the week.

Download the Meals This Week printable here.

I love this meal printable for keeping track of what is for dinner.  I have plans to create a whole planner dedicated to meal planning with these sheets, plus our favorite recipes, and more. You may not need all of that, if so I recommend just creating a meals section in your planner or storing these under your family or similar section.

Download the To Do List printable here.

If you are looking to divide up your planner, you’ll need dividers, so I have two tutorials for that-

In this tutorial I show how to make dividers with your silhouette machine.

Then, this tutorial shows how to make some dividers using scrapbook paper and a few other inexpensive tools.

I hope that you enjoy these free printables and tutorials. If you have any suggestions for free printables or planner tutorials you’d like to see, feel free to contact me!

Plus, check out my shop for more great printables!

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Happy Planning!

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