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Printable Thanksgiving Planner Inserts | Personal & Half Size

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I’m already talking about getting organized for Christmas here on the blog, but we can’t forget about Thanksgiving! I wanted to create a whole set of printables for you guys to print and use in your planner to plan your Thanksgiving holiday. I made this mini Thanksgiving planner in half letter size and personal size, so you can grab whichever size fits your planner. New to these planner sizes or looking to get started? I’ve also got a tutorial on setting up a personal size planner, and how to set up an A5 or half size planner. Okay, so let’s dive into these printables, and you’ll be able to sign up for my email list below to grab them for yourself.

Be sure and check out the other size Thanksgiving printables, too! If you are looking for Happy Planner sized printables, I created this Thanksgiving printables set in those sizes, here.

Thanksgiving Planner Inserts

Okay, so I included 4 pages for you to download in this set- Thanksgiving Menu, Thanksgiving Budget, Guest List, and Cooking Schedule.

The Thanksgiving Menu sheet gives you a space to plan for who is cooking the turkey, sides to make, desserts, appetizers, and drinks!

Next is the Thanksgiving Budget sheet, where you can plan your budget for your meal, or if you host a larger Thanksgiving dinner, you can also include decor, table, and chair rental, etc..

Next is the Cooking Schedule, where you can plan Thanksgiving day and your cooking schedule, when to put what on the stove or in the oven, to be ready to serve dinner at a certain time.

Finally is the Thanksgiving Guests List where you can plan your guest list if they’re bringing a dish, or extra family members or friends, plus if they have RSVP’d.

Here’s a look at the personal size versions, too.

You can sign up for my email list below to download this free planner.

You might also love my Christmas planning inserts, which you can find over in the Etsy shop. I have printables for the personal size and A5/ half size, as well as printed & shipped inserts for the personal size and printed & shipped inserts for the half size.

That is all for today’s post! I’ll have my best tips for doing Thanksgiving on a budget in an upcoming post, so watch out for that! Sign up for my email list below to get the free Thanksgiving planner sent to your email.

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