Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner

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If you haven’t heard, the NEW Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner is available now!

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I picked up my new Deluxe Monthly Planner as soon as they were available last week. I was so excited to see the new removable cover options and that they now include tabs, again. I think I’ll be using this planner for my business, planning my content calendar on the monthly pages and using the oodles and oodles of notes pages for other business planning. I also want to grab another one soon for budgeting. I might share a few different ways to use these in a couple of weeks!

I picked up the colorful version of this planner, but it is available in the neutral style, as well.  There is a 7×9 version, the same size as the Life Planner, and an even bigger 8.5 x 11 inch version.

There is this section that you can customize how you want, I typically like to use these boxes for goals. You can go by month or by different categories. I’ll be dividing this by month and using it for business goals and a general outline of what I’ll be working on that month.

The Deluxe Monthly also has the same divider styles as the Life Planner.

Here’s a look at the monthly view style, again, just like the Life Planner. This planner is perfect if you just need the monthly views and space for notes.

There are even more notes pages in this book, now, you get one page in front of the month and 4 pages at the end, for a total of 5 notes pages around each month, plus you can choose from 40, 80, or 120 extra notes pages in the back of the book.

Here’s what 80 extra notes pages looks like in my book. I’d love to have one with 120 pages, that would definitely be the ultimate notebook.

Of course, the Deluxe Monthly Planner has the same things at the back- the pocket folder, and a few stickers.

I just love these notebooks, I’ve used them for my budget for a few years now, and I’m looking forward to getting settled in with my content planner this year.

I’ll definitely be back to share how I set it up, and to share some other ideas for using these books.

You can shop all of the Deluxe Monthly Planner options, here.

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