My 2022 Planner Lineup

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I sat down first thing this morning to get my planners set up for 2022. I am so excited to share with you what planners I’ve decided to use this year- my 2022 planner lineup!

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my 2022 planner lineup

I have 4 books here, and I have a 5th that is currently en route to me. I’m so excited to have ordered the 2022 Powersheets for goal setting! I just waited entirely too long to start thinking about my planners and it isn’t here yet.

However, I do have these planners set up and ready to go, and have started planning for January in them. Let’s talk about them.

happy planner midnight dreams

My first planner is this Happy Planner Frankenplanner/Transformer planner that I’ve made. It includes 3 different Happy Planner books- one for work, one for wellness, and one for budgeting!

happy planner dashboard layout

My work planner is this Midnight Dreams dashboard layout planner. I saw someone using a Happy Planner dashboard layout for their work and I thought this would be perfect. I plan to make myself some small stickers to alter the headings on some of the dashboard sections, but I like that I have lots of room for planning things like content, product creation, etc, and then a smaller weekly layout on the other side where I can plan my main tasks for each day.

happy planner wellness planner

For my wellness planner, I ordered this 18 month wellness planner from Happy Planner. It actually began in July 2021, but I just removed those months to have a Jan-Dec 2022 planner. I upcycled the dividers I removed and trimmed them to make some cute dividers for my A5 rings planner which we’ll talk about next.

wellness planner layout

This wellness layout has a space to write your health intention each day, your food that you eat (nourish), movement, and a place to write different things. There are prompts for each day if you want to use those or you can write whatever you’d like there. I’ll probably track my water here and some other things.

happy planner budget planner cover

Finally, in my frankenplanner I have a budgeting section. I purchased this 12 month budget planner from Happy Planner and put a few months into my big combination Happy Planner here. Finances are going to be a big focus for me this year since we’ll likely be looking to sell our house and buy another next year, so time to start getting really in tune with what we’re spending, saving, etc…

happy planner budget layout

The Happy Planner budget planner has pages for planning out your budget for the month, including expenses, debts, and savings. Then, there are weekly pages to track your expenses. My first goal is to not have more expenses than lines on these weekly pages. We’ll see how that goes.

And that concludes my Happy Planner books that I’m using. Next up in my 2022 planner lineup is my A5 planner. For the binder I’m just using this long discontinued Carpe Diem A5 planner binder.

a5 planner

My plan is to divide this planner up by these 4 sections- section #5 is TBD. I’m using my half letter frosted dividers to divide up my sections, with some upcycled Happy Planner wellness dividers trimmed to fit behind the frosted dividers.

My first section is for my monthly/weekly planner inserts. I’m using my half letter monthly inserts and for the weeklies, I’m using my favorite half letter week on two page with checklist inserts.

a5 monthly planner inserts

I love these weekly dividers for home, because I have the boxes for planning appointments, and things like that, plus a space to do our meals for the week and a place to track some habits.

half letter weekly planner inserts

The remaining 3 sections will be for routines, cleaning/home maintenance, and then meal planning. I have some inserts to create for these sections, so for now I just put some dot grid note paper in there so I can start sketching out how I want the new inserts to look.

Finally, I’m using TWO books from Erin Condren this year, and these are also for work.

erin condren notebooks

I’m using an Erin Condren Monthly Planner for planning content for my blog, YouTube, and social media. Both of these covers are new arrivals for Winter, you can get them customized onto your planner and of course, since the covers are interchangeable you can buy the covers to add to your existing planner, too. I decided to leave these on through the month of January since they weren’t too holiday themed.

erin condren layout

I can use the monthly layout to map out dates for content, then what I love about the Monthly Planner is that it has so many notes pages. There are over 5 notes pages for each month in between, then you can add up to 80 additional notes pages in the back.

This is perfect for when you just need to jot down all of your notes, ideas, and checklists.

Then, lastly I’m using a regular Erin Condren notebook to take daily notes and brain dump for my business.

There you have it! My 2022 planner lineup! I’ll have a closer look at a few of these planners over the next couple of weeks, so be sure you are subscribed to my newsletter so you can know when those posts go live. You’ll get access to my free printables when you do!

my 2022 planner lineup- using 6 planners

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