Goal Setting Worksheets for 2022

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My goal setting worksheets are back for 2022! I didn’t update them last year and I think it was because honestly after 2020 I didn’t even set any goals at all. However, I’ve been itching the last few weeks to get to setting some goals for the new year. It has felt like I’m coming out of a pandemic induced fog, so I’m ready to get back into the swing of things and back focused on goals. As always, you can download the “Big Plans for 2022” sheet free when you sign up for my email list!

You can get the full set of printables, here.

Goal Setting Worksheets

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The “Big Plans” sheet has been updated for 2022 and it is honestly my favorite from the whole set. You have a space to plan out your goal, your why, and things to do right now to get closer to your goal, as well as short term and long term plans, and more action steps to take.

You can get the “Big Plans” printable free when you sign up for my email list below!

The goal setting worksheets come in 3 sizes this year- letter size, half letter size, and Happy Planner size (7×9.25), and I also included letter sized PNG files so you can easily upload them into you digital planner, too!

Be sure to check out this video from 2020 where I walk you through the printables with some ideas on how to use them-

Here are the other pages included in this set

goal breakdown worksheets

With the “My Goals” sheet you can look at all the different areas of your life- work, motherhood, friendship, self-care, etc… and write down your goals for that category.

With the “Monthly Goal Breakdown” sheet you can take one of your goals and break down action steps to take each month.

The “Daily Tasks” sheet gives you a place to check off daily things to do for your goals. It reminds me of a habit tracker really, but you can track any recurring thing you need to do for your goals.

Then, I have the “Smart Goals” sheet where you can break down your goal to see if it is specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely.

Finally, the “Staying Motivated” sheet is a place to really break down your why- why you want to achieve your goal this year and how it would improve your life.

The remaining printables I was inspired to create after reading The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran. I love listening to personal development books on audible, and this one I’ve listened to a few times. I feel like breaking our goals down into 12 week increments and hyper-focusing on them is genius.

quarterly Goal Setting Worksheets

First, the “Quarterly Goal” sheet lets you take your one big goal and break it down into 12 smaller goals to reach each week for 12 weeks.

Then, I have another Quarterly Goal sheet which allows you to break down your quarterly goal, including, what you need to achieve your goal, whether that’s fitness equipment for a fitness goal, or just to purchase books to reach your reading goal for the 12 weeks. Then, you break down how to get there and any potential obstacles you may face.

Next I have some weekly habits sheets. Brian Moran says that if each 12 week quarter is a year, then each week is the equivalent of one month. If you let one month slide on your goals you probably won’t get there this year. It’s the same concept here, if you let one week slide, you won’t reach your 12 week goal, either.

The “Weekly Habits” sheet is a checklist for you to keep track of your things you need to do every single day during the week to reach your goal. Then, the “Weekly Plan” sheet gives you a place to write down your goal, what to do this week to get there, obstacles, etc…

There you have my 2022 Goal Setting worksheets. If you’d like to grab those to have the full set for yourself, you can do that below-

Don’t forget, if you want to try out the “Big Plans for 2022” sheet you can sign up for my email list below and get those sent right to your inbox.

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