A5 Planner Setup for 2022

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It’s that time again to set up new planners for 2022! In this post I’m sharing my A5 planner setup for 2022. I also filmed a video setting this all up and talking through everything I used if you want to check that out below!

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a5 planner dividers

I have this Carpe Diem planner binder set up for 5 sections, but for now I’ve got just 4 sections I’ll be creating over the next month or so. Here’s that full setup video-

For now, those sections are-

  1. My monthly & weekly inserts.
  2. Meal Planning
  3. Routines & Habits
  4. Home project notes, wish lists, etc

To break up my sections I’m using our new frosted planner dividers.

Behind those dividers I took the extra months from my Happy Planner wellness planner (It was an 18 month that started in July 2021), and I took those old dividers out and cut them down to size. I love Happy Planner dividers and was really glad I found a way to reuse these. They are perfect for the new year.

Then, in my side pockets I just have a few of my favorite clips I’ve collected and the Happy New Year clip from the January 2022 Planner Envy box!

planner with planner clips

I also have plans very soon to make some additional monthly tabs to go between my monthly/weekly inserts. I also only put 1 quarter of the weeklies in at a time to keep from bulking up the planner too much, so for now I just have January-March.

Here are the monthly inserts I’m using-

a5 planner setup- a5 monthly planner inserts

These are just our best selling half letter monthly inserts. Then, I followed those up with my half letter vertical weekly inserts with checklist. This set of monthly/weekly inserts is going to be used for keeping up with home stuff- my kids schedules, cleaning schedules, etc…

If you are wondering how half letter inserts work for an A5 planner, be sure to check out my half letter vs A5 breakdown.

I have a separate Happy Planner frankenplanner that I’ll be using for work planning, wellness, and our budget. I shared my full 2022 planner stack here.

a5 weekly planner inserts

Here’s my first weekly spread in these inserts, also featuring a weekly kit from Planner Envy, of course!

a5 weekly planner spread january 2022

You can see more of my planner spreads, over on Instagram!

There you have my A5 planner setup for 2022! Next week I’ll be sharing my Happy Planner frankenplanner setup, so stay tuned for that! Be sure to sign up for my email list so you don’t miss any planner tips and tricks, plus get access to the library of free printables!

If you need inserts for your planner (or stickers!), we have lots to choose from over in our Etsy shop.

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