A5 Planner Setup for Fall 2020

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I’m so excited to be back with a new A5 Planner Setup for Fall 2020. I haven’t used a ring bound planner in several months so this has been a pretty exciting change. I mentioned in a video recently that I have really been enjoying using my Happy Planner for more of a journaling space, and that will definitely be true when I move into the Stargazer planner in January, so I’m getting set up to add a ring bound planner (or two) to the mix. If you are new to ring bound planners, I have a great guide on setting up an A5 size planner, and all of my ring bound binder recommendations, too.

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A5 planner set up for Fall

I don’t know that everyone would consider my planner to be minimalist, but I really do think that it is in comparison to some of the other ring bound “chunky” planner setups I’ve seen. Also, I did film all of this so if you are interested in that you can see the video below-

A5 Dividers

For dividers in my planner, I do make my own. I hope to offer some form of these in the shop soon, but I’m working on fine tuning the process of making them so that you guys will love them once they are available. I think it will be a whole modular type system where you can get the clear dividers, plus dashboards printed for behind them, and tab labels, too. So, stay tuned for that if you haven’t joined my email list, now would be the time so you’ll be the first to know. In the mean time, I do have a tutorial on how to make clear dividers.

I have my planner divided up into 5 sections with side tab dividers, and a few top tab dividers placed throughout so I can flip directly to certain pages. My main sections are for my monthly inserts, my weekly inserts, budgeting, cleaning/household, and meal planning. Then, I’ve got several extra tools and things sprinkled throughout.

A5 Planner Inserts

A5 monthly inserts

I do keep 6-12 months of monthly planner inserts in here. These I use mainly for keeping track of appointments, my son’s days off school, etc.. mostly important dates that we need to be aware of. Here you can see my October A5 inserts showing off my witchy October A5 monthly sticker kit.

A5 weekly inserts

Next I’ve got my A5 vertical weekly inserts included, and I typically only keep about 3 months of these in at a time, I’m usually ready to change up my layout after that time period, and it keeps the planner from getting too bulky by doing just those months.

meal planning inserts

Next I’ve got my meal planning section. In here I normally keep a few different meal planning inserts, including monthly meal planning pages, weekly meal planning pages, and a reference page to keep track of our family’s favorite dinners to make meal planning simple.

budgeting inserts

Then, my budgeting section is a little more broken up, but I have budgeting inserts for tracking our savings goals, our debt and medical bills, and then our monthly budget and expenses, too.

Also, be sure to sign up for my email list so you can get access to all of my free printables that you can print and use in your planner.

cleaning inserts

Finally, I have a cleaning/household section where I have cleaning planner inserts to keep track of my zone cleaning and weekly cleaning tasks, too.

Ring Bound Planner Accessories

Now, for my pockets at the front I’m keeping a few different things.

First of all, I’ve been loving washi tape samples from My Love 4 Washi on Etsy. She has washi tape samples from so many different great brands. You can get Simply Gilded washi, among a bunch of other great sellers in smaller sample sizes. I have a bigger sample card that I’ve tucked into the back pocket of my planner, and a smaller one I’m keeping in the front pockets.

Then, I’ve also got some of the goodies from my Planner Envy box for October- the cute little to do list pad, and the clips. I also tucked the little bat paper clip onto my top tab divider that takes me to my weekly inserts. I love how just the stuff from this box completely transforms my planner. Such a great way to get a stash of planner accessories built up, along with the beautiful stickers. So much fun.

There you have my A5 planner setup for Fall 2020. I am enjoying experimenting with my planners right now to choose which ones I’ll be using for 2021. I may even set up a smaller personal size planner to take on the go, but we’ll see.

A5 Planner Setup for Fall 2020

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