Fall Erin Condren & Happy Planner Setup 2020

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Hey planner friends, it is time for a new planner update! The fog is starting to clear from the year that 2020 has been, I’m starting to feel like. I’ve been getting into the groove of things and creating new routines with virtual learning and working from home, and also doing preschool for my soon to be kindergartner next year. I’m using two planners right now and I am loving the system, so here is my Erin Condren and Happy Planner setup 2020 style, using all of the frankenplanners.

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Fall Erin Condren & Happy Planner Setup 2020

So for the two planners I’m using for these last months of 2020, I’ve got a frankenplanned Erin Condren Daily Duo/Vertical Weekly combination. You can see my post about creating this, here. I’m going to have to do another one after October! Then, I’m also using a “transformer/frankenplanned” Happy Planner. You can see that post, here.

Also, I did film a video for my Youtube channel of getting things switched over and set up if you are interested.

Erin Condren & Happy Planner Setup

In my Happy Planner, I was using my weekly planner, budget planner, fitness planner, plus a whole bunch of printables for keeping track of household stuff, and some longer term budgeting, but the big change today was removing the budget section. I just wasn’t using it like I thought I would and much prefer scribbling down when I want to pay what bills and scratching things out/moving as needed, and keeping up with expenses on an app. I need to find a good one. I just wasn’t sitting down everyday to track expenses and stuff. Nope.

I also made this new cover, which I did a whole tutorial on, here. You can also download the fox cover files to create your own! I found some gold metal discs from a different planer, and changed those out, too.

Fall Erin Condren and Happy Planners

I switched out the cover on my Erin Condren planner to this old school Thanksgiving cover, it is one of my favorites. This Daily Duo frankenplanner is mostly meant for work stuff.

Erin Condren vertical weekly setup

I use the monthly view as a content calendar to plan posts here on the blog and videos for my Youtube channel. Then, the weekly view is for planning out work tasks for the different days.

Erin Condren Daily Duo planner

Then, I love the Daily Duo pages for mapping out each day. I try to block schedule my tasks to help me stay productive. It helps me to be able to see my day as a whole and what I’ve got to work on with the kids while also getting work done from home.

Fall Happy Planner Setup

So, since the Erin Condren planner is for work, you can probably guess the Happy Planner is more for home stuff. I don’t use it as much as I did pre-pandemic but I still enjoy planning in it.

Fall Happy Planner divider

The first section is a vertical weekly Happy Planner, and I’m still using the pages from my 2019-2020 seasonal Happy Planner. This ends in December, so I ordered a new Happy Planner from their release sale this past week, which I’m also excited to share.

Fall Happy Planner weekly layout

I use this weekly view to keep track of appointments for myself and my kiddos, I would track sports practices and games but we just don’t have those again, yet. I like to keep track of my cleaning routine, and basically anything else that involves the household.

Happy Planner fitness divider

Then, my fitness section has 4 months of the undated fitness planner I’ve been using. I’ve also got some fitness printables in there to track my progress with some things. I typically just use normal letter size printables in my Happy Planner, and resize them to fit.

Meal Planning Printable

Finally, I’ve got a few extra tab dividers that I took from a Happy Planner notebook. I keep some meal planning printables here, like the month of meals and weekly meal planner, plus a small list of our favorite recipes. I’ve got another divider that has cleaning printables– my weekly checklist and monthly cleaning/organizing printables. Then, I’ve got one last divider that has some budgeting printables that I use to keep up with our debt repayments, medical bills, annual expenses, and a few other things.

There you have it, that is my Erin Condren & Happy Planner Setup 2020, I can’t believe that it is September and that this year is going to be coming to a close in just a few months. My next planner updates will be adding a section to my Happy Planner for Christmas planning!

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