Thanksgiving Planner Printables

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I have some super fun Thanksgiving planner printables to share! This is my favorite Thanksgiving printables set that I have created, and it is available in so many different sizes, so get to downloading your free printable Thanksgiving planner! There are 4 pages included in this- so you can plan everything from your budget to guests, your menu, and more! No unnecessary fluff printables added, just what you need to organize your Thanksgiving holiday. Whether this is your first time hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or you are a pro, these printables will help you get everything together.

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Thanksgiving Planner Printables

Now, I have these printables in FIVE different sizes! Letter size, of course, then we have Happy Planner printables for the classic Happy Planner size, mini Happy Planner size, and ring bound Thanksgiving printables in A5 ring bound size, and personal ring bound size! So many options, and of course if there is a different size you need, you can always resize your printables to fit your planner.

Thanksgiving Budget Planner

I don’t know about you, but my Thanksgiving spending can add up fast, not only do you have to consider ingredients, but I feel like every few years we will realize that we tossed out our old roasting pan, or something similar, that I end up having to pick up, too. Then, you might want to budget for decor for your Thanksgiving table, along with anything else extra you need for the big day. We are super fancy around here, and I usually pick up the cute paper Thanksgiving plates that they have out, because who wants to do extra dishes? Do you do extra activities with your kiddos around the Thanksgiving holiday, like a thankful tree, or maybe your family even sponsors another family’s Thanksgiving dinner? You can budget and keep track of all of your holiday related spending with that page.

Thanksgiving Planner Printables

Thanksgiving Menu Planner

Next is the Thanksgiving menu planner. This page lets you do all of your meal planning for thanksgiving in one place. Plan out your entire meal here on the Thanksgiving dinner planner, whether its a dish you are making or something someone else is bringing to complete the meal. There are different categories, and you can plan out everything you want to serve on Turkey day. For extra help making your grocery list, you can put a star by anything you are responsible for preparing. Never miss another important ingredient for your Thanksgiving dinner checklist. This is also a great time to reference some resources on how much food to prepare for the number of guests you have attending. You can plan main dishes, side dishes, desserts, dinner rolls, and more!

Thanksgiving Planner Printables

Thanksgiving Guest List

Speaking of guests, we also included a Thanksgiving guest list, but this page is a little more than just that. Here is your place to also note if you have guests bringing delicious food, that way you can keep track of who is bringing what and make sure all of your bases are covered for all of the dishes you want to serve. You can use this list to plan out place settings, and who is bringing what on the day of Thanksgiving. Consider delegating other food assignments for things you might not think of, but are often forgotten, like ice.

Thanksgiving Planner Printables

Thanksgiving Cooking Schedule

The final page I included in this set is your Thanksgiving Day cooking schedule! The best way to plan out your Thanksgiving day is to know what times certain dishes need to be where, whether in the oven, cooling, or chilling in the refrigerator (hello, deviled eggs!) I created a time blocking printable where you can plan everything out hour by hour. This way, you don’t double book your oven, or have dishes that are sitting and getting cold because you made them in the wrong order. Cooking for Thanksgiving is a lot of work, but you can get it done in less time if you make a plan for your cooking schedule.

I hope you enjoy this free holiday planner. These pages can help you map out your entire Thanksgiving game plan and have a stress-free Thanksgiving this year. We kept these simple, all it takes is a little planning to have one of your best, easiest Thanksgivings. You’ll have more free time to spend with your family, or to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Whatever you enjoy doing on Thanksgiving, you’ll have more time than ever by taking a little time to map out your Thanksgiving prep.

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