The Best Sticker Paper for Planner Stickers

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Today I am excited to share my thoughts and opinions on the best sticker paper for planner stickers! I obviously have my own planner sticker shop, and have been making my own stickers, and stickers to sell, for a long time. I have a favorite planner sticker paper brand, so if you are wondering what to use, I have got you! If you are looking to start printing planner stickers, it is important to have the right sticker paper.

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Why we love this paper-

The Best Sticker Paper for Planner Stickers

Stickers pictured- Grocery Shop

Consistency– I’ve literally been ordering this paper for years and have never had a problem.

Flexibility– You can use this paper in both inkjet printers or in your laser printer!

Variety– They have so many different types of paper from glossy sticker paper to matte sticker paper, high quality paper for waterproof stickers, printable vinyl for vinyl stickers, clear sticker paper, and more!

With this sticker paper, you can make your own stickers by putting your sticker designs into your cutting machine, printing them on your home printer, and cutting them out to make your own diy stickers! They have so many different types of sticker paper, we’ll talk more about what kind you might need below. You can use stickers from this paper on your planner pages, in your Happy Planner or other brand planner you love, and you can use it to cut stickers on your cricut machine or silhouette.

Interested in creating planner stickers? I have a tutorial for creating stickers to sell on Etsy!

The Best Sticker Paper

So, to answer the big question, in my humble opinion, the best printable sticker paper is Online Labels brand. I just love their company, they have been instrumental in my success with stickers, they send me discounts occasionally since I am a frequent purchaser. I just love them. You can choose what kind of sticker paper you want, what kind of sticker sheet you want, also if you want the adhesive backing liner to have a back slit or no back slit if you are making sticker sheets to sell. They have different sizes and types of sticker paper for anything you might need.

If you are a label maker or you make other types of stickers, such as bumper stickers or car decals, I highly recommend checking them out as well. You can order sticker paper samples from their website, or get a smaller pack of paper from them on Amazon to try!

So many sticker makers trust Online Labels for their paper needs, but whether you are a small business owner, have an etsy shop, or are just making your own stickers for personal use, I recommend giving them a try. If you are using a lot of stickers in your planner, you can save money by learning how to design, print, and cut your own stickers. If you are curious about that, see my tutorial on how to print and cut planner stickers.

The Best Sticker Paper for Planner Stickers

What type of sticker paper do I need?

That really depends on what you are doing! If you are making your own planner stickers for yourself, or even a beginner working on selling your own stickers, I highly recommend their matte sticker paper. It is a great, budget friendly, all purpose sticker paper that is perfect for stickers to put in your planner. If you want to up the ante just a bit and go a little higher in quality, their weatherproof sticker paper is what you’ll want. It is water resistant, smoother, and a little thicker than the regular matte. I’ve also found that the colors of your stickers will really pop with this paper.

Then, there is also repositionable sticker paper. If you are making stickers for personal use and you feel like you might want to save paper and time and reuse some stickers from week to week, repositionable is the way to go. Like I mentioned, they also have clear sticker paper and glossy paper, though I’ve never used either of those types so I can’t speak a lot on how they work. If you are wanting to offer glossy stickers or clear, definitely order some samples to try.

What type of printer do I need?

Now that we’ve covered sticker paper, you might be wondering what is the best printer to use for printing stickers, whether personal use or for selling. The answer to that is any regular printer is just fine, though I do recommend printing on the high quality setting. What I’ve found is that the best way to print stickers, just due to how much ink is used and the saturation, is by joining the HP Instant Ink program. You don’t need any specific type of printer, though I think inkjet is the best bet if you are just getting started. I would go with a mid-price-point printer that works with the HP instant ink.

In summary, Online Labels has pretty much any type of paper you’d need- matte finish, glossy finish, or the best waterproof sticker paper. For best results making your stickers, this is the paper I would use.

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