How to Make a Happy Planner Cover

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When I started to get my planners set up for Fall, I realized I would really love to have seasonal covers for my Happy Planner just like I do Erin Condren. So, I got to googling how to make a Happy Planner cover. Turns out, it was really easy. I even made these cover files into PDFs so you can download them and turn them into your own Happy Planner cover.

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How to Make a Happy Planner Cover

If you want to download these, you can sign up for my email list below to get access to my free printable library. Then, we’ll talk about how to put it together.

How to make a Happy Planner cover

DIY Happy Planner Cover

Here’s what you’ll need-

  • Your divider pages printed- I recommend printing a front cover, back cover, and then two pages for the insides of the covers. You can use the files I shared for this cover, trimmed, or you can create your own by printing your design or digital paper and cutting it down to 7.5 x 9.5 inches.
  • A laminator
  • Laminating pouches- I recommend 5 mil laminating pouches for covers
  • A Happy Planner punch or an Arc punch

What are the dimensions?

The Too Much Love blog says they do their covers 7.5 x 9.5 inches, so that’s what I went with and I think it came out perfect. I could have even left a bigger margin around my lamination for this and it would have been great.

You can see the dimensions of the different Happy Planner sizes over in that post!

Happy Planner Cover Tutorial

I have a video tutorial of putting this cover together, you can watch that below, but it’s really simple. We’re just laminating the covers and hole punching them. I talked in my video about the pros and cons of using a Happy Planner punch versus an Arc discbound punch.

Once you’ve laminated your cover pages and punched them for your planner, you are ready to go. The possibilities are endless on making your own covers, and there are even some really great printable covers you can get free, or really inexpensively from Etsy.

Laminated Happy Planner Cover DIY

I hope you enjoy this free printable Happy Planner cover, again be sure to sign up for my email list so you can download those files, as well as all of the other free printables in my library.

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    1. I got the artwork from an Etsy shop, I honestly just recommend using a program you are familiar with. I make mine in Microsoft Word because that’s what I’m most used to using.

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