Happy Planner Disc Sizes

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Today I am sharing a comparison of the Happy Planner disc sizes! There are a few different sized discs to choose from if you want to DIY your own planner or notebook, or just increase how much your Happy Planner will hold with a larger disc size. The Happy Planner discs come in a variety of colors, styles, and they come in mini, medium, and expander disc sizes! You always get a set of discs on your planner, but you can purchase other discs on their own to use with your planner, as well, if you want to change them out. Just another great way to totally customize your Happy Planner. I recently purchased my first expander discs, so I’m excited to share this closer look. The Happy Planner is my all-time favorite planner, and you just can’t beat how fun and interchangeable they are.

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Happy Planner Disc Sizes

What is a Happy Planner?

If you are new to discbound planners or the Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner brand, Happy Planner is what is called a discbound system for planning. There are so many different planning systems to choose from today, but with this style, the planner pages sit on discs, instead of rings like with a ringbound planners (like a ring binder) or a spiral coil. Happy Planner releases new planners a few times a year in a variety of layouts, sizes, and with both dated and undated options.

When I think of discbound planner systems, I think that Happy Planner is by far the most popular. When you purchase a Happy Planner, it comes on metal discs or plastic discs. The disc planner style is such a unique style, because with a discbound punch you can add your own pages, dividers, and other accessories to your planner. If you aren’t into DIY’ing your planner, the Happy Planner brand, as well as others, also have extension packs and other accessories that you can just pop right in!

There are a few companies that offer discs for binding planners, but the Happy Planner is best known for their heart discs, among a few different styles lately such as stars, Mickey Mouse heads, and other fun seasonal ideas.

What size discs you get on your planner also depends on the size of your planner that you purchase. The mini Happy Planner comes on mini discs, where the Classic size and Big Happy Planners come standard with medium size discs. Then, you can purchase expander discs if you want to maximize the number of pages your planner will hold. You can also purchase each of these different sizes of discs separately from your planner if you want to customize the color or style of your discs! Let’s look at the different Happy Planner disc sizes.

Happy Planner Mini Discs

Happy Planner mini discs

The mini Happy Planner discs are .75 inches in diameter. They’re perfect for the mini Happy Planner, as well as creating a notebook out of Happy Planner filler paper!

Happy Planner Disc Sizes

Medium Happy Planner Discs

Happy Planner medium discs

The Medium Happy Planner discs are 1.25 inches in diameter. This is the disc that comes standard on most of the Happy Planners you’d buy. Both the Classic Happy Planner (7×9) planner and the BIG Happy Planner (8.5×11) planner come with medium discs.

Happy Planner Disc Sizes

Happy Planner Expander Discs

Happy Planner expander discs

The larger Happy Planner expander discs are really extra large, at 1.75 inches in diameter. These are great if you are looking to add your own custom pages to your planner, or to combine a few planners onto one set of discs, like with the transformer and frankenplanners we’ve shared in the past. The expander discs allow you to have a really chunky Happy Planner!

Happy Planner Disc Sizes

Which size disc do you think would be ideal for your planner? I’m considering the expander discs for my transformer planner for 2023, I have a vertical and a recovery Happy Planner I want to use this year, and it would be so handy to just combine them on the same discs.

Where can I buy extra Happy Planner discs?

You can find packs of discs in stores at Michaels stores, Joanns, or Hobby Lobby. Then, of course, they are available on the Happy Planner website as well! There may be some other places, but these are the ones I know of that carry the greatest selection of extras in each Happy Planner size.

Where can I find free Happy Planner printables?

You can find free printables to use in your planner on lots of different blogs. You can search on Google or Pinterest and find exactly what you are looking for to make your perfect planner. Plus, see my tutorial on resizing any printable for the Happy Planner, below! You can sign up for our email list below to get access to all of our free planner printables!

We are obsessed with the Happy Planner over other spiral bound planner options like the Erin Condren Life Planner. Mostly, because of all of the customizing you can do. I love being able to add my own printables and pages to a disc-bound system. It makes it so easy to create your own planner to meet your specific needs. I love that with a Happy Planner punch (or an Arc punch, which is the discbound punch that I use) I can create my own Happy Planner covers (though, the Happy Planner folks do such a good job I mostly just use their adorable covers.) I can print out my favorite printables and add them to my planner, as well, whether I need to organize my household, my meal plan, or my budget. Then, sticky note dashboards are so helpful, and with the right punch you can make those, too!

Be sure to check out this super cute free printable Happy Planner cover we made! You can download it, print it out, laminate, and create your own Happy Planner cover.

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