How to Add Sections to your Happy Planner

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Hey planner friends! I’m back today with another pretty basic but still really helpful tip for your Happy Planner! One of my most favorite things about the Happy Planner is the ability to add and remove pages whenever I need to. I also like to create sections in my planners, but that can be hard to do without extra dividers. Here’s what I like to do, and how you can add sections to Happy Planners. I also filmed a video for my Youtube Channel on this tutorial, so you can check that out below, too.

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add sections to Happy Planners

Video tutorial to add sections-

Creating Sections

To create your sections in your planner, you are going to need dividers! I have seen a couple of divider sets that Happy Planner has released, but they don’t offer a big selection. I like to use expansion packs! Happy Planner expansion packs are just undated sets of 6 months of pages for your planner. I picked up this dashboard expansion pack and just removed the dashboard planning pages, leaving just these really cute dividers.

Happy planner with lots of sections added

Now, in my frankenplanner/transformer planner I have my two planners combined, plus six extra sections in the back.

If you are interested in seeing what size Happy Planners are available and how they compare, check out that post!

Happy Planner Section Ideas

Next, you may be wondering what kind of sections to create. Here are a few ideas for you-

  • Habits & routines
  • Meal planning
  • Budgeting
  • Christmas planning
  • Household management
  • Cleaning routines and schedules
  • Extra notes pages
  • Emergency information
  • Kids’ school information

What other ideas do you have? Share them in the comments!

If you really want to beef up your Happy Planner, put it on expander discs! Check out our comparison of the different Happy Planner disc sizes.

Where to find Happy Planner printables

You can find lots of printables for your Happy Planner free from blogs and Pinterest, or you can find something specific you need on places like Etsy.

For a good example, I have this free Happy Planner meal planner printable here on this blog.

Then, you can also take any regular letter size printable and resize it for the Happy Planner. I have a video tutorial on how to resize printables for the Happy Planner, too. With a little digging you can find just about any printable you need.

If you are looking to print and add printables to your planner, I do recommend a few supplies-

I hope this has given you some ideas for adding sections to Happy Planners and making your planner super functional. If you have any questions about adding sections to your Happy Planner, just leave them in the comments below.

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Also, be sure to sign up for my library of free printables for tons of great freebies to add to your planner.

If you are looking for decorative or functional stickers for your planner, be sure and stop by our Etsy shop!

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