Happy Planner Transformer Planner for 2022

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Hello Happy Planner friends! I’m back setting up my 2022 Happy Planner transformer planner. Of course, I did this in a video, which you can check out below, but I still wanted to share here my sections in this. I also want to note that I called it a frankenplanner in my video, but I realized this is really more of a transformer planner, but those are used interchangeable here because it’s not a big deal either way. I do talk about the differences in a frankenplanner and a transformer planner if you are curious. Also you can check out my full 2022 planner lineup!

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happy planner cover - midnight dreams

Where in past years I hodge podged a lot of stuff into my Happy Planners, I kept it pretty simple this year with just 3 sections made from 3 different Happy Planners. Here’s that Happy Planner transformer setup video if you want to see it-

I’m using all dated planners this year, with the Midnight Dreams dashboard layout Happy Planner, this Happy Planner wellness planner, and a 2022 Happy Planner budget planner. I am pretty sure each of these are sold out, but there are so many Happy Planner designs and layouts that everyone can find something perfect for them. If you want to learn more about the different Happy Planner sizes and dimensions, check out that post!

happy planner page

My first section is my main work planner using a dashboard weekly layout, and I kept 3 months of that planner in.

happy planner dashboard layout

I was inspired by Planning with Bumble to use a dashboard layout for work. I love that there’s less space for the days but a whole dashboard for the week.

My next section is this Shine Your Light wellness planner for 2021-2022. I removed the 2021 months completely, and added January-March, plus the cover as a divider.

happy planner shine your light wellness planner

The wellness layout is the same as it has been in the past, very similar to the fitness planner layout, as well. It has sections for your intention of the day, “nourish” to track your food, “movement” to track exercise, and a take note section for anything else you might want to keep track of on your wellness journey. Happy Planner has several wellness planners to choose from, and there are usually a couple of new ones at each new release.

wellness weekly layout

Lastly, is my budget section. There are a few different Happy Planner budget planner options to choose from, even some that are undated.

happy planner budget cover- save now spend later

The layout is generally the same with a place to plan your monthly budget and then pages to track weekly expenses.

monthly budget worksheet from happy planner
weekly expenses tracking from happy planner

I did not use my Happy Planner at all in 2021, I really didn’t use planners, set goals, etc.. period, but I knew I wanted to get back to it this year. The wellness/fitness and budget layouts have always been some of my favorite and I just love this Midnight Dreams dashboard layout. I hope Happy Planner continues to do celestial themes in the future because I am here for it!

Don’t forget to check out my video on how I set this up over on my Youtube channel. One of my goals is to post a new video every week in 2021, so there’s lots of planner goodness headed that way.

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