Happy Planner Budget Planner | Undated!

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Hey Happy Planner friends! Today I’m sharing a closer look at the Happy Planner Budget Planner. I included this planner in my 2020 Happy Planner transformer planner, it is undated, which means you can start it any time, and it is just overall a really functional budget planner. I also filmed a flip through video, which you can watch below.

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As you may know, different Happy Planner layouts and styles are available at different stores, so this planner can be purchased at Joann’s craft stores, from the Happy Planner website, or from Amazon!

Here’s the flip through video I made, and then we’ll get into the planner.

The whole planner has this cute pastel rainbow theme, with some holographic foil throughout, too. Of course it starts with a page for you to write your name/contact information.

Each month includes this dashboard where you can keep track of your goals, important things to remember, and unexpected expenses.

Then you have your divider page. They also include some stickers with the names of all of the months, that way you can add the month name to your tab if you’d like. There are so many really cute and motivational dividers in this planner if you are working on your financial goals.

Next you have the undated monthly layout that goes Sunday – Saturday. There is lots of room to write in these boxes, and a notes sidebar.

For each month you also have this area to plan out your income, estimate your expenses, and keep track of your regular bills and expenses that you expect to pay.

On the other side, you can track savings and debts, and each month includes a different challenge you can do in order to help you save money and reach your goals.

Finally, for each week in the planner you have this page to keep track of your weekly expenses, the date, amount, and if it was a need or a want. This is a great way to reflect on your spending habits and to keep track of your balance in your bank account.

There you have it, the undated Happy Planner budget planner!

Don’t forget, you can get it at Joann’s, Amazon, or the Happy Planner website if you want to grab one. Also be sure to check out my video update of adding this to my Happy Planner transformer planner, too!

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