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I’ve been sharing the Erin Condren Life Planner here on my site for a lonnnng time, so I was so excited to get an email that they wanted to send me an advanced copy of the new Erin Condren Life Planner for 2020 this year. I asked for the vertical, colorful- it’s my favorite style and I believe it is the most popular, so that’s the one I’m sharing today. I did use some credits to purchase more styles and layouts to share, so hopefully those will be here asap. I’m going to share some of the new changes this year that I’ve noticed, and I also filmed a flip through video, which you can watch below!

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Here’s the video flip through-

They sent me quite a few goodies in my box, the vertical, colorful 2020 Life Planner, and then they also sent along a really nice coordinating pen, the new Live A Life Layered in Color sticker book, the Sticky Note snap in dashboard, and a wet erase snap in dashboard to-do list.

You can find each of these items at the links below-

Layers Ballpoint Pen

Layered in Color Sticker Book

Layers Sticky Note Snap In

Priorities/To Do Snap In Dashboard

You can also get a closer look at that new sticker book in my video, too.

The first thing I noticed was this new beautiful vellum sheet that is in the very front of the book. It is so bright and pretty, I was really surprised. A couple of these features I couldn’t remember if they were in previous books, and this one definitely was, but I honestly didn’t remember it. I love how it looks with the colorful layers.

I mentioned in my video I wasn’t a huge fan of the kaleidoscope design they did last year, but I really love this new layers design, and I also love these opening quotes in the book, too. There is also a floral design, so that’s two design options- the Layers design comes in colorful and neutral like always, and then the Flower Power design is only in color. You can still pick from all three layouts though- vertical, horizontal, or hourly.

Some features we love are still the same, like the yearly overview, and then this section at the front of the planner that has 12 boxes you can coordinate how you want. I like to use them for goals, but the options are endless you could keep track of anything you wanted really, by the month, or just use it for different notes.

I know so many of you are looking to find out what colors this planner is using this year, so I’m going to do some research on it and hopefully have a post for you soon with a color guide. I know when it comes to making planner stickers we all want to know what colors we should use to coordinate with the planner.

Each month has a coordinating color again, and the layers pattern is done in that color for the divider, along with the inspirational Erin Condren quotes we are used to. There’s also a color coordinated notes page beside the divider for each month.

Then when you flip it takes you to the monthly layout. This is all still relatively the same with the Sunday-Saturday layout and the notes section.

One big change for this year is that after the month, you flip and there is a notes page and your monthly dashboard. I love that the sections aren’t labeled so you can totally customize this dashboard. This used to be before the month, but a lot of people wanted to be able to flip on their tab right to the month, so you can do that again.

After the dashboard you flip to the weekly sections. I quickly noticed that they got rid of the little bit of flair that they used to include here, I think last year it was a hexagon, and people were buying stickers to cover it up, so I love that that is gone and it is ready for some decorating. Even though there is a bit of color on the headers and the bottom section, it is still pretty plain and great for decorating with stickers.

Another awesome change to this year is that they have done away with the color pages and other note styles that were included in the back. I know personally I never used those, so this is a change I’m happy to see. Now there are just regular, lined notes pages back there, and I believe there were like 6-8 pages total, which is nice.

Again there is a contacts page this year. I love this, it is a great place to keep track of important contacts for the year- I’m thinking my children’s teachers, doctors, etc…

Then, we’ve got the pages to look ahead at 2022 (HOW IS IT GOING TO BE 2022?!)

Another great quote, and more coordinating, foiled stickers in the back. I just love these stickers with the layers theme.

Then, finally, the trusty pocket folder.

I really love this planner and am going to be sitting down asap to figure out how I’m using mine this year. I really am thinking it will be for business, a life planner and deluxe monthly planner team up for keeping up with all things business.

I’ll have even more styles and layouts soon, so be on the look out for those posts if you need help choosing a layout for your planner!

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