Erin Condren Planner Release 2021-2022

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I hope you are as excited about launch day as I am, I have a few products I want to pick up this year, we’ll talk about that in just a moment, but I wanted to break down all of the options for you this year, because there are a lot! I also was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of the Classic Vertical Life Planner in Mid Century Circles, plus some of the new Mid Century Circles accessories. If you want to check those out, be sure to watch my Youtube video below. Here’s what to expect from the new 2021-2022 Erin Condren Planner release.

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Erin Condren 2021-2022 new planner release

Just a reminder, launch day for insiders is Monday, May 3rd, and everyone else can shop Tuesday May 4th. Don’t forget to sign up as an insider so you can shop early! I can’t link specific products until Monday, but you can head over to the site and see sneak peeks and to get ready for launch day.

Three Planner Design Styles

To start, there are three design styles for the Life Planner this year- Mid Century Circles, Flora, and Just My Type, which is available in both colorful and neutral. Not every planner comes in every style so we’ll break down that next.

Mid Century Circles (left) and Flora (right).

Just My Type Colorful and Neutral

Erin Condren 2021-2022 planner sizes

Weekly Coiled Planners

You can get the classic 7×9” weekly planners in each of the above styles in vertical, horizontal, and hourly layouts.

You can also get the weekly layout option in A5 (5.8×8.3”) in Mid Century Circles, Flora, and Just My Type NEUTRAL, and only in the horizontal layout.

Finally, this year you can also get a weekly planner in letter size (8.5×11”) in Mid Century Circles, horizontal layout.

Daily Duo Planner

2021-2022 Daily Duo Sizes

This year, the Daily Duo planner is available in both the classic 7×9” size and the new A5 size (5.8×8.3”). Both Daily Duo options are only available in the Mid Century Circles pattern.

Erin Condren Ring Agenda

New this year, you can get yourself an A5 ring agenda right from Erin Condren!

Erin Condren ring agenda

There are 4 colors to choose from- the Mid Century Circles, a champagne color, a pink color, and a deeper reddish brown color, I’m not certain on their exact names yet. I expect these to sell out quickly and I’ve heard there are limited supplies available for these. I hope I can grab one to review for you guys!

Inside of this A5 ring agenda you get to choose between Mid Century Circles, Flora, and Just My Type Neutral. Then, you can choose between the horizontal weekly layout, or the Daily Duo style layout!

Erin Condren Binder

Lastly, the Erin Condren binder is back this year. You can get this binder in 7×9”, Mid Century Circles style, in vertical, horizontal, hourly, and Daily Duo layouts.

Erin Condren binder

I did get an advanced copy of the classic 7×9” weekly planner in the vertical layout, Mid Century Circles design, plus the new Mid Century Circles accessories. You can see that video here-

Also, I am planning to pick up a few more products to use, review, etc… My picks for this launch are the new A5 ring agenda. I’m not sure what inside layout I’ll be getting yet, but I really want the agenda and to try it out and give a review. Then of course, I’ll be continuing to use the Daily Duo planner this year for myself. What do you have on your launch day list? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this look at the new Erin Condren Planner Release for 2021- 2022. Be sure to sign up for my email list for the latest planner news, new content, free printables, and more!

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