April Planner Envy Box

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I am so late posting this April Planner Envy box, but this box was so cute I still wanted to share. I said I was taking a break from the Planner Envy Box, but once I saw what I missed in May’s box I quickly re-subscribed and will have my June box review up soon! I just love everything that comes in these boxes- the stickers and the accessories. So, I’m back sharing another Planner Envy box, and I’ll have links in the post if you want to subscribe, too! Check out past Planner Envy box reviews, too.

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april planner envy box

Each month this box comes with two full kits, one half kit, and normally 3 accessories whether those are planner bands, note pads, clips, sticky notes, etc… In Apil, the box included an ADORABLE Easter kit that I will be saving for next year, a fun “planner girl” type kit, and the half kit was a cute “netflix and chill” theme.

planner envy box stickers

There was a super cute bow clip and bunny and carrot paper clips for Easter. Then, there was this really cool weekly planning notepad. The notepad would be great for planning a specific goal for the week and then breaking down some action steps. There are a lot of ways it could be used, plus it is so cute!

If you want to see my video unboxing of this month’s box, check out my Youtube video below-

If you’d like to get the Planner Envy box for yourself, there are a few ways you can do that.

They offer past boxes (so many SUPER cute past boxes) in their Etsy shop where you can see the contents of the box ahead of time. You can get this exact April 2021 box there, too. You can also order the next box and have it be a surprise without a subscription, by purchasing a trial box, too.

Or, you can hop over to their website, and start your subscription. You’ll be sent boxes automatically every month without missing any of the good stuff they’re sending out.

I hope you enjoyed this look at the April Planner Envy box for 2021! Just a reminder, I also have planner stickers including weekly kits and tons of functional stickers, over in my shop.

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