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Erin Condren Life Planner Setup for 2019-2020

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Hey guys, I’m back today with my Erin Condren Life Planner setup for 2019-2020. I’m using two different Erin Condren products- the Life Planner and the Deluxe Monthly Planner, and I wanted to share with you all how I plan to use them for planning my business for the next year.

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Now, for starters. I chose these planners for business planning because when it comes to these plans, I don’t really feel the need for stickers and all that fancy stuff. Not that you can’t decorate in an Erin Condren Life Planner, you absolutely can, but I love the design of these without any added extras and I will have so much room to write with all of the notes pages that are included. There are I think 3 notes pages for each month in the Life Planner, and 5 for each month in the Deluxe Monthly Planner, plus you get added notes pages in the back- you can choose from 40 or 80. The notebook I’m using has got 80 notes pages!

As always I filmed a video of my ideas for these planners, too, which you can check out below.

Okay, so for the Life Planner, my plan is to not use this planner for to-do lists or planning home things, I want the weekly layout of this planner to be full of notes and “the details” like I talked about in my video. I want to use all of this open space to plan the details of what I need to work on for my business. Some examples would be planning out specific Instagram photos to take for that week, specific topics that I need to pin from my blog, specific posts that need new Pinterest images, etc…

I’ll be using the monthly spread in the Life Planner as a content calendar to plan my blog posts and youtube videos. Then within the weekly spread I can add details- what do I need to do to prepare for photographing the posts or shooting the videos, what is my timeline, etc…

I’ll include my daily “to-do list” for my business in my Happy Planner, just because those tasks will impact how my day goes, but then I want to be able to turn to my Life Planner to fill out all the details and extra information.

Then, I can use all those extra note pages included to write down any notes as I go each day. I’m a big note taker and I typically end up writing them on random pieces of paper that end up in the garbage or lost.

Now, for this adorable Deluxe Monthly Planner, I’ll be using this as my project management notebook. This is my space where I’ll plan bigger projects for my business- maybe new releases, product creation, course creation, things like that.

I’ll use the monthly view to plan out my own personal deadlines and timelines for different things. Like I mentioned, I want my planners to be functional and to actually help me accomplish more and reach the goals I’ve set for my business, so I think this combination will be really helpful for that.

Check out all those notes pages!

As always, you can find these planners on the Erin Condren website. You can shop the Erin Condren Life Planner, here, and the Deluxe Monthly Planner, here. I’ll also have a more extensive review of the Deluxe Monthly Planner coming soon, so watch out for that. I’ll have lots of ideas on how you can use them- they are one of my favorite planner products because I just find them to be so functional.

I hope you enjoyed this overview look at how I’m planning to use my planners from Erin Condren this year. Also, look out for my post on how I’m using my Happy Planner. I’ve created a “transformer planner” or “franken planner” combining 3 planners into one, I did this last year and loved it, but I’m doing things a little differently this time and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Want to learn more about the Erin Condren Life Planner and the different color styles and layouts? Check out this post for my comparison of the colorful vertical Life Planner and the neutral hourly!

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