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Happy Planner Setup 2019-2020 | Frankenplanner / Transformer Planner

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I am so excited to be moving into my new Happy Planner for 2019-2020. I scoped out the new planners at launch and found my favorite one, of course, it was the seasonal Happy Planner that had the seasonal decorations and designs each month. I love all the holidays, so I love being able to have a planner that celebrates them, too. I rushed, I mean calmly went to my Joann store to get this planner as soon as they were out. Here is my Happy Planner Setup for 2019-2020 and how I’m turning it into a transformer/frankenplanner.

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Happy Planner Setup 2019-2020

Now, I knew I wanted to use this planner, but I also had my 2018-2019 Happy Planner, and my Healthy Hero Happy Planner that I still wanted to finish out for the year, so I decided to create a “franken-planner” or a “transformer” planner by combining the three planners into one. I shared just how I put it together in my video below, but basically, I removed the 2020 months from the new planner, leaving July-December 2019 and added in the remaining months of 2019 from the older Happy Planner and the Healthy Hero planner in, along with the covers to make it easier to flip to each section.

Here’s the video if you want to check that out-

To store the extra pages that I removed from the new planner, I’ll put them in a gallon size plastic bag and put them up somewhere to keep them safe until I’m ready to switch out the months.

Happy Planner Setup 2019-2020

I’m excited to continue using these other planners along with my new one. I really love the look of the months for 2019 in my previous planner and didn’t want those to go to waste. I’m hoping that by having a whole planner basically for finances and our budget, we can make some more progress on changing our spending habits and completing the Dave Ramsey baby steps!

Happy Planner Setup 2019-2020

I also really love the Healthy Hero, I’ll be sad once that planner is all used up in December. I hope that they release another great health and fitness planner for 2020.

I knew that if I tried to use 3 full planners for each of these areas of my life, I’d never keep up with it, but this is truly why I prefer the Happy Planner any day, because of the ability to rearrange things, add things, etc… with the rings. It is one of my favorite parts about this planner, beyond the CUTE designs that win me over every time.

I’ll be sure to share a plan with me in the coming weeks so you guys can see how my planners are working together functionally for me. I’ll update how my use of these changes and evolves as I get into them. My goal for the rest of this year is just to use my planners consistently, and have it be functional for me. I’m always writing things down all over the place and I just want it to all be together, either for my family and home or for my business.

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