2021 Happy Planner New Release Picks

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I am so excited to be sharing my 2021 Happy Planner new release picks! First, I’m going to share the planners that I purchased from the new release, and then I’m going to share my favorite Happy Planner styles from a few of the different layout options. I also filmed a video flip through of my planners for 2021, too, which you can watch below. After much debate, I settled on the Stargazer classic Happy Planner and the new dated 2021 fitness Happy Planner. Of course, I’ll be doing another transformer Happy Planner for 2021, so I’ll have both of these planners combined onto the same rings. I do have lots of other “honorable mentions” of planners I loved from this release.

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2021 Happy Planner New Release Picks

I chose the Stargazer planner for my main planner, and the new dated 2021 fitness planner. You can see a flip through of those here-

First let’s check out the Stargazer planner. I mentioned in my video that normally I’m a big fan of the seasonal Happy Planner designs that come out with the themed months related to the seasons/holidays. I didn’t love the 2021 seasonal planner as much, so I decided to branch out to one of the other styles, which was kind of a first for me, I haven’t had my main planner be so specific as this Stargazer theme, but I kind of love it. Normally I would be decorating my planner for the seasons, but I kind of had the idea to do a whole year of just using Stargazer stickers, pens, and my mildliners. We’ll see as we get closer to 2021.

Stargazer Happy Planner

Stargazer Happy Planner 2021

I’ve never owned a Stargazer style Happy Planner, even though I know this is not the first year that they’re offering this design, but I did find this flip through video of last year’s Stargazer. This year’s planner has the galaxy kind of themed cover, with the overarching theme inside the planner being these animal constellations. I think they are just adorable! I also picked up the new Stargazer sticker book, as well.

2021 Stargazer Happy Planner

You have your typical pages to start, a place to write your name, 2021-2022 yearly overview, and then each month has a dashboard and coordinating divider.

In the Stargazer from the 2021 Happy Planner new release, the dividers are coordinated to the colors for the monthly and weekly pages. I love the design of the monthly pages, but also that the weekly pages are so minimal, so you can still get pretty creative with decorating without feeling like things are clashing.

I’m looking forward to getting moved into this planner, setting up a new transformer planner for 2021 and having a fresh start. I’ve been itching to switch things up again with my planners, I’m still faithfully using the Daily Duo from Erin Condren, but I’m not sure what the rest of my planners will be for 2021 just yet. To be honest, sometimes the Happy Planner really gives me more journal vibes than planning vibes. I’d love to start a journaling or memory keeping habit, and I know this would be a great way to do that. I’ll definitely be updating with my 2021 planner stack and what I’m using.

Here are some other honorable mentions from the 2021 new release-

Happy Planner Fitness Planner for 2021

I knew I wanted another fitness planner this year, so I went ahead and purchased the 2021 dated Fitness Happy Planner. I am forever on a health journey and trying to make better habits and choices there, so 2021 will be no exception.

2021 Happy Planner Fitness Planner

There are some things I really like about this planner, and some things I don’t love. I really like the colors inside the planner, the pastels are really cute. However, I don’t think that the rings match as well as they could, and the ring colors are kind of muted and gross, haha, but this will be combined onto rings with the Stargazer, so that’s not a big deal for me, I can take the trade off for the inside design. It was really hard to compete with this undated fitness planner from last year.

Happy Planner Fitness Planner for 2021

You have all your usual pages in the front and then of course a monthly and weekly view in the fitness planner, too.

While I love the design of the planner pages, I don’t love the divider pages. They may be your style, but I usually put a lot of weight into the dividers when I’m choosing a Happy Planner, and these were a little disappointing, in my opinion. However, like I said, a trade off to have the new fitness planner and I do like the black/pastel style of the pages. The weekly pages are really cute, and that’s mostly what we’re looking at, anyway, right?

Fitness planner layout for 2021 Happy Planner

There are also several new Happy Planners kind of in this same category of health/wellness this year, so I have a couple of honorable mentions here, too.

  • The Wellness Warrior Happy Planner is a great option if you are approaching your health and wellness more from the wellness/mental health side.
  • Also, I think it is amazing that the Happy Planner brand has branched out this year and made this new wellness planner that is more recovery oriented. The Progress Not Perfection Happy Planner has a combination dashboard/week on one page layout that is perfect for whatever goals or recovery you are aiming for in 2021.

Now, I’m just talking about the classic Happy Planner here, but there are lots of these same styles available in the mini and big Happy Planners if those are the sizes you prefer.

These are the planners I picked, and that I hope to use next year. I’m sure things may still change and shift before January, but I’ll update of course on what planners I’m using and how I’m using them.

I hope you enjoyed this look at the 2021 Happy Planner new release and my honorable mentions. Which Happy Planners did you love from this new release? Tell me in the comments!

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