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Okay guys, so I talked about how I’m using multiple planners and while I love using multiple planners, I don’t love having to use multiple planners- does that make sense? I have seen a few videos of people “frankenplanning” in their planners, and my wheels started turning. I’m using a regular vertical classic happy planner, an hourly classic happy planner, and I also just picked up the Healthy Hero Happy Planner for fitness! So, I wanted to combine all three of these planners onto one, plus have space for my printables and extra notes pages, to create my own Happy Planner Frankenplanner.

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So, I decided to include three months of each planner in one book at a time, using the covers for dividers. I may end up setting up some different dividers, but I really like how easy it is to flip to each section with the covers included.

You can see a video flip through of this over on my Youtube below-

So here I’ve started with 3 months of my seasonal Classic Vertical Happy Planner.

This section is for home, my boys’ schedules, housekeeping things like meal plans and cleaning, etc… I’m going to add some clear dividers to this section, like these I made here. Those dividers will be for sections for my cleaning printables and meal planning printables.

I’ll share the files for my clear dividers in Happy Planner sizes when I get them made, too, so stay tuned for that.

Next, I’ve got three months of my Hourly Happy Planner for work.

Then, new to my planner collection, I’ve added three months of the Healthy Hero Happy Planner for fitness.

I had my eye on this planner for a while. I’ve previously talked about using the Erin Condren Wellness Log this year, but I kept coming back to the Healthy Hero, and I’ll do a post soon on the differences and why I chose this planner over the other.

You could essentially use this planner on its own, it has a place for to-do’s for the day, plus all of the fitness and health stuff included, too, but I’m going to use that section to write how I’m feeling each day, something I’m grateful for when it comes to my health, etc…

For the other months of each of these planners, I’m going to tuck them in somewhere safe and then on the 1st of each month, I’ll swap out the past month for the next one in line. I don’t find that I do a lot of planning more than a month or so in advance, and if I do I typically add it to my Google calendar, so I think this will work out great.

There you have it, my frankenplanner Happy Planner for 2019. I’d love to know if you frankenplan, and what all you include in yours. Be sure to share in the comments!

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