My 2019 Happy Planner | Classic Size

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Okay, so to be completely honest, I’ve been trying for the last couple of months to nail down what planners I’d be using for 2019. If you’ve been following me, you know I’m a big fan of using multiple planners, but I’ve really just wanted more functionality from my planners for the upcoming year. I have a problem with buying new planners, or even digging in and decorating my planners for the week, and then just not using them. After talking with you guys, that sounds like it is a problem for you, too. I really want my planners to function and help me be more organized. So, I’m going with 3 planners this year. I’ll have more on that in an upcoming post, but my main planner will be this classic sized 2019 Happy Planner.

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I’ll admit- I’m a little bit obsessed with every seasonally themed planner that Happy Planner comes out with, see my 2017 Happy Planner, for example. So, when the new releases were announced I watched intently to grab a peek at the new seasonal design. This is the classic version, but there is also a BIG HP in this style, too. The covers are different, but, the same concept. I’m not finding this exact planner anywhere but Joanns, so I think it might be exclusive there. You can see all of the classic Happy Planners currently available on Amazon, here.

I love this, too, because of the lemon theme, and then my birthday month has the lemon themed divider- so fun.

The seasonal designs have the BEST seasonally appropriate dividers- this one is for May! You can see more of those below-

Now, let’s backtrack to the beginning of the planner so I can show you how the layout is.

Here’s January- you can see the dashboard layout, which I love. It has a place for goals, important dates, and then a big section for notes. Of course, the January divider is adorable.

When you flip the page you have the monthly layout. I’m picky about fonts but I LOVE the font of the days of the week- so fun!

Here’s the weekly layout. I love the to-do list for the week and the calendar overview with a fun little icon at the top that matches the divider. I just love it. These matte gold rings are not my absolute favorite, but they are fine. I may get some metallic to replace them, or grab the black rings off of my 2017 Happy Planner and swap them.

It has the same basic vertical weekly layout that the planner has always had. My plan is to use the bottom boxes for work to-do’s, and then the top two for household/family things, since those take up the largest amount of my time. I’ll have some plan with me videos with this planner asap in January!

I just love how cute and seasonal this planner is, seriously. If seasonal is not your thing, there are so many designs to choose from for this year’s release. Don’t forget, you can find these planners on the MAMBI website, at Hobby Lobby, Joanns, and Michaels! There is something for everyone. I wish I could purchase them all to review and give away- maybe one day!

Stay tuned for the breakdown of all of the planners I’m using for 2019 coming next week!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your 2019 Happy Planner. I got my first HP last year for Christmas and didn’t know the extent of the planner community at all! I have learned so much reading blogs, like yours and watching YouTube videos. I’m going to search for your YouTube channel and subscribe. At the beginning of 2018, I was all excited and decorated and used my planner to actually plan things. However, as the months went by I found myself just writing in appointments and not planning or decorating very much. Now it’s gotten to the point where I’m just putting on fires as they arise instead of planning my weeks, which I prefer to do. I got a 2019 planner and my goal, of course, is to be more organized and plan my life. Wish me luck!

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