A5 Planner Inserts for 2021-2022

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Hey planner friends! Today I’m sharing my A5 planner inserts. If you are looking for some A5 planner refills to add to your Filofax, LV GM agenda, or other A5 planner, my half letter inserts are perfect. You can visit the shop and see all of the A5 size planner inserts I have available. They are 5.5 x 8.5 inches and come printed for you and punched with the 6 hole punch configuration of the A5 ring bound planners.

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A5 Monthly Inserts

monthly A5 Planner

There is a difference between true A5 planner inserts (5.8 x 8.3 inches) and half letter size inserts (5.5 x 8.5 inches), but I break down those differences in my post, A5 VS Half Letter Size.

These A5 monthly planner inserts come with 12 months, and you can choose your month combination, so they can start whenever you’d like. There’s a “notes to seller” box when you check out in the shop, and you can leave your month choices there.

For my A5 inserts, I have three different weekly layout options- vertical, horizontal, and vertical with checklist.

A5 Weekly Inserts


vertical weekly A5 Inserts

These A5 weekly planner inserts have a vertical layout with headers and 3 boxes for each day, with the exception of Saturday and Sunday, which have just one box. I did a blog post about these A5 vertical weekly planner inserts, they are a best seller in our shop. These boxes are formatted to be the same width and height as Erin Condren planner boxes, so you can use all of your favorite “Erin Condren” weekly sticker kits.

You can also get any of my weekly inserts in the months of your choosing by leaving me a note in the notes to seller box when you check out in the shop.


horizontal weekly A5 Inserts

These a5 horizontal weekly inserts are for horizontal planner lovers, and are super simple to plan with. You can use just about any stickers you want with this layout. The week is divided between two pages so you can have your whole week in one glace, and you can maximize your planning space.

Vertical with Checklist

These A5 vertical weekly inserts with the checklist option are my favorite. Each box is the same width as Erin Condren boxes, so you can use your favorite sticker kits, if you want. However, these inserts also come with some extra functional sections- a daily habit checklist and a “this week” section where you can plan daily tasks, meals, exercise, etc… These would be really great for an A5 fitness planner setup.

A5 Daily Inserts

daily A5 Inserts

I also have a5 daily planning pages for the A5 planner, which include a “must do” box, a “dinner” box, an “important” box, and a “tomorrow” box. These boxes can be customized with the title of your choosing, just send me a message on Etsy! They also include a timed side for time blocking in your planner.

Undated Functional A5 Planner Inserts

I have several sets of functional A5 planner inserts that are undated, including contacts and password tracker pages, meal planning pages, and more.

A5 meal planning Inserts

For budgeting, I have bill tracker pages, expenses tracker pages, and debt pages, too.

A5 budget planning Inserts

I’m always creating new functional undated inserts, so be sure and check the shop to see what is new. You can also sign up for my shop email list to get updates, sale announcements, special coupons and more.

I hope you enjoyed this look at my A5 planner inserts. If you are searching for planner refills for your A5 size planner, I hope you’ll give these a try. I have a few more resources if you are new to A5 size planners.

You might also enjoy this video from my Youtube channel on how I plan in my A5 inserts, featuring a sticker kit from Planner Envy!

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