A5 Vertical Weekly Planner Inserts

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Today we are taking a look at our A5 Vertical Weekly Planner Inserts! These are one of the best sellers in our shop, and they are some of my favorites to plan with. So, I thought we would take a closer look and see how they are set up, and how I use them.

A5 Vertical Weekly Planner Inserts

These A5 vertical inserts are designed so that they fit the most common weekly planner sticker kits, so that you’ll have no problem finding stickers to use with these if you’d like. There are tons of printable weekly sticker kits, and weekly planner stickers for purchase that you can use with these inserts.

Something important to know about my a5 inserts that are shipped to you- they are half letter size- so a slight difference from traditional A5. You can learn more about a5 vs half letter size, here.

Also, they come printed double sided, the weeks all organized for you, and there are notes pages between each month of weekly inserts so that you can separate them however you’d like, put dividers or monthly inserts in between, etc…

A5 Vertical Weekly Planner Inserts

While I do offer these printed and shipped to you, these exact versions are not available as printables at this time. The dated versions are pretty difficult to print and get lined up properly if you’ve never figured it out before, so that’s why I don’t sell them that way. However, I do have some undated weekly vertical inserts that are available as printables. They have this same layout, just without the dates included, and include BOTH half letter size and A5 size printables. They are easy to print and cut yourself on letter or a4 size paper, and I even include instructions for double sided printing.

Another thing to know about my printed and shipped versions- they are super high quality, with a thicker paper so that there is no bleed through when you are writing on each week. The paper is smooth and everyone is loving writing on them. Here are a few reviews from my shop, and you can see even more here (there are 56 reviews with a 5 star rating!).

Then, if you’d like to see how I use these with weekly sticker kits, I just recently did an A5 weekly plan with me for Halloween, which you can watch below or over on my Youtube channel.

I hope you have enjoyed this look at my A5 vertical weekly planner inserts. If you are newer to this planner type, I’ve got a handy post here on how to set up an A5 size planner, and also my recommendations for the best ring bound planner binders. If you are interested in printing your own planner inserts, I have my recommendations for the best paper for planner inserts, as well.

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