Thanksgiving Happy Planner Printables

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You guys really enjoyed the Thanksgiving printables that I did for ring bound planners, and I knew that a set for the Happy Planner would be a hit, too! So, I took those and sized them to fit perfectly in the Mini, Classic, and Big Happy Planners. These Thanksgiving Happy Planner Printables will have your planner all set for your Thanksgiving dinner planning. Be sure and check out the other size Thanksgiving printables, too!

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Thanksgiving Happy Planner Printables

I included 4 pages for you to download in this set- Thanksgiving Menu, Thanksgiving Budget, Guest List, and Cooking Schedule.

  • The Thanksgiving Menu sheet gives you a space to plan for who is cooking the turkey, sides to make, desserts, appetizers, and drinks!
  • The Thanksgiving Budget sheet, where you can plan your budget for your meal, or if you host a larger Thanksgiving dinner, you can also include decor, table, and chair rental, etc..
  • The Cooking Schedule, where you can plan Thanksgiving day and your cooking schedule, when to put what on the stove or in the oven, to be ready to serve dinner at a certain time.
  • The Thanksgiving Guests List where you can plan your guest list if they’re bringing a dish, or extra family members or friends, plus if they have RSVP’d.
Thanksgiving Happy Planner Printables

If you need tips for making your own planner inserts, I have my paper recommendations here, and then these are sized perfectly with cutting guides for you to trim these to fit your planner- so easy! I use a simple Canon printer and generic ink to save some money there, as well.

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