Free Happy Planner Monthly Printables

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Are you a happy planner enthusiast looking for new monthly refills to print and use in your planner? Look no further, because we have the perfect solution for you! Our FREE happy planner monthly printables are designed to fit classic, big, and mini happy planners. Whether you’re a seasoned planner or just starting out on your DIY planner journey, our printables are the perfect addition to your collection. 

Free Happy Planner Monthly Printables

FREE Happy Planner Monthly Printables

Say hello to the convenience of printing your own custom Happy Planner inserts. These pages are undated, so they can use used at any time. We did create different printables for each month, because they have a cute seasonal graphic in the corner of each set.

What are the dimensions of the Happy Planner pages?

 The pages of the Happy Planner are traditionally 7 inches wide by 9.25 inches tall- called “classic” size. This is a standard size for most Happy Planner accessories and inserts, allowing for easy customization and interchangeability within the planner. The dimensions of the pages are chosen to provide enough space for writing and planning, while still being compact enough to easily fit in purses or bags for on-the-go planning. The 7×9.25 inch size also makes it easy to find compatible stickers, inserts, and other accessories to personalize and enhance the functionality of the Happy Planner. Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly planning, the dimensions of the Happy Planner pages are versatile enough to accommodate a variety of planning styles and needs. This makes it a popular choice for individuals who want a customizable and versatile planner system.

There are, however, two other sizes (more, really, but we skipped the skinny sizes)- BIG (8.5 x 11) for those that love larger planners and Mini (4.5 x 7) for those that want something more compact. For more about the different sizes, check out our Happy Planner Size Guide.

What kind of paper is used in the Happy Planner?

 The Happy Planner uses high-quality, thick, and smooth paper that is perfect for writing, drawing, and decorating. The paper is designed to work with a variety of writing and coloring tools, including pens, markers, and washi tape. It is also sturdy enough to support stickers and other embellishments without bleeding through or tearing. The paper used in the Happy Planner is generally around 70lb weight, which provides a substantial feel and minimizes the chances of ink bleed-through. If you are printing your own Happy Planner inserts from home, check out our suggestions for the best paper for printing planner inserts.

Free Happy Planner Monthly Printables

How do I cut out these Happy Planner pages?

These printables are so easy to use! The BIG Happy Planner size is the same as your letter size paper, so those can be printed and used as-is. Our classic and mini can be printed on letter paper, but then we included some handy trim lines for you to easily be able to cut the pages to size. Then, you’ll just need to hole punch them, either with a Happy Planner punch or other discbound option.

How to download your free printable planner inserts

To download all of our free printable planner pages, sign up for our email list below. You’ll get the link to the library, and the password, when you confirm your subscription.

Happy Planner FAQs

Can you create your own Happy Planner?

Yes, you can create your own Happy Planner by customizing it to meet your specific needs and preferences. The Happy Planner system allows for interchangeable covers, discs, and inserts, making it easy to mix and match to create a planner that reflects your individual style and organizational requirements. You can start by selecting a cover design that speaks to you, then choose the size and layout of the planner pages that best suit your planning style. With a wide range of accessories available, you can also personalize your planner with stickers, sticky notes, and other decorative items to make it truly your own. Additionally, you can create custom inserts or printables to include in your planner, such as habit trackers, budget trackers, or meal planning pages. Whether you prefer a colorful and whimsical design or a more minimalist and sleek look, the Happy Planner system allows you to easily build a planner that brings you joy and helps you stay organized.

Is the Happy Planner refillable?

 Yes, the Happy Planner is refillable. The planner itself is designed with a disc-bound system, which allows you to easily add and remove pages as you wish. This means that once you’ve finished using all the pages in your Happy Planner, instead of having to buy a brand new planner, you can simply refill it with new inserts and accessories, or you can even mix and match and combine different planners like we did with our transformer Happy Planner. Use our free Happy Planner monthly printables to try it out! There are a variety of disc-bound refill packs available for purchase, including monthly and weekly inserts, note paper, and more, so you can customize your planner to fit your specific needs and preferences. The ability to refill the Happy Planner not only makes it more cost-effective in the long run, but it also allows for greater flexibility and personalization, ensuring that your planner can adapt to your changing schedule and lifestyle. The Happy Planner’s refillable/interchangeable design makes it a convenient and versatile option for staying organized and on top of your tasks.

We hope you enjoy these free printable Happy Planner monthly pages. We love making these printable Happy Planner refill pages, so let us know what we should make next! You might also like these fun Happy Planner tutorials-

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