Free Printable Half Size Monthly Calendar For Your A5 Planner

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Hey planner friends! Today I’ve got a new free printable for you. This is my printable half size monthly calendar.  This printable is perfect for your A5 binder planner. It’s undated- I haven’t included the months or days so that you can print it and use it for any time. If you don’t like writing in the months or days, you can always grab some stickers that you can put onto the pages for those.

These are also a great way to get a feel for the half size planner to see if that’s what you prefer before you purchase printed half size inserts or printables that are dated.  Keep reading & sign up for my newsletter below to get access to my full library of free printables, including this a5/half size monthly insert.

Free Printable Half Size Monthly Calendar For Your A5 Planner

If you are new to this planner size, I’ve got a post here on setting up an A5 size planner. I share my favorite budget-friendly binders and more.

If you’d prefer dated inserts, I do have them available in printables, and printed, cut, and shipped to you– ready to put right into your planner, over in my Etsy shop. I’ve also got weekly inserts, along with a whole bunch of other half sized inserts.

To download this printable half size monthly calendar freebie, sign up for my email list below.

There’s also a notes back page that you can download to print on the blank side of the monthly inserts.

If you are looking for dated 2019-2020 planner inserts, I have them over in my etsy shop.

I love this planner size- it is my favorite. I hope you like the printables, they are simple and ready for you to customize, whether you are a pen only planner or a planner sticker lover. I hope you enjoy this freebie, and trying out the half size planner pages.

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