Free Printable Habit Tracker

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Today I have a fun new free printable that you can download and use in your planner- a free printable habit tracker!

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Free Printable Habit Tracker

Whether you are wanting to track New Year’s resolutions, create a new habit, change bad habits, or just work on your good habits overall, this monthly habit tracker can help you keep track. It covers a whole month of daily habits, and there are several lines so that you can track more than one habit at once. Use it as a monthly tracker to work on a new goal or create new healthy habits.

Do habit trackers work?

Absolutely. There are several benefits for tracking habits, or at least, things that you want to become habits. Here are a few-

1. It brings awareness to the things you want to work on when you write down the good habits you want to incorporate into your daily routine. Make sure that while you are tracking your better habits on this page, they also make their way to your to-do list each week.

2. It can be pretty darn motivating to check your habits off everyday and see your progress you are making on being consistent. By having this overview of the entire month you can really get an idea of how consistent you are being.

3. A habit tracker is a great way to hold yourself accountable to your goals, the changes you want to make, and the things you want to accomplish. By checking in daily and marking off tasks you get a constant reminder of the small steps you need to take to get where you want to be.

4. If you are tracking self-care tasks, your habit tracker can improve your self care which has an impact across all of the areas of your life.

5. Habit trackers can also help you to reprioritize. If there’s a habit your are consistently failing to uphold you can look at that goal and reassess if it is really important to you at this time. It is always good to remove things that we no longer find important, in order to focus on other areas of our lives.

Having a way to keep track of habits you want to implement is a great option for you to make positive change in your life. Keep them in a prominent place, whether that’s in your planner that you use daily or on the refrigerator so you can keep your habit list in the forefront of your mind.

Free Habit Tracker Printable

I created this free printable in a few different sizes- letter size, half letter size, A5 size, and 7×9.25 for the Happy Planner classic size. It is a horizontal habit tracker, and you can print it and add it to your planner. Or, add it to an Erin Condren or other bound planner by printing it out on sticker paper and placing it over a notes page that you have available. It’s for personal use only, but you can print and use this habit tracking printable as often as you need.

You can download this (and the rest of my free printables) when you sign up for my email list. The download link will come to your email once you confirm your subscription.

This Habit Tracker is a part of our larger Printable Goal Planner. It contains 18 pages to help you get focused on your goals and improving your life. Plus, it comes in US Letter, A4, A5, Half Letter, & Classic Happy Planner sizes. It is full of printable templates in unique designs that will help you incorporate different habits and new routines. You can track your big goals and the steps you need to take to reach them.

I hope you enjoy using this printable to keep track of your habits each day of the month. Small adjustments can really make a big impact in your life when you incorporate them on a regular basis. Print 12 copies of this and you’ll have habit trackers for the entire year. If you need suggestions, check out the best paper for printing things for your planner.

For more great tips on habits and prioritizing your life. I highly recommend the books Atomic Habits by James Clear and The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Morgan. Then, head over and grab these other great freebies-

Free Printable 100 Day Goal Tracker

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