The Best Planners with Time Slots

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Today I’m sharing our favorite planners with time slots! If you are really big into time management and keeping track of your hourly schedule each day, a planner with time blocks may be the best option for you. We’ve talked about time blocking a few times here on the blog. We covered time blocking with Google calendar and how to time block in your planner, but there are several planners now that give you the option to do this and today I’m sharing a few of the ones I really love. They’ll help you master your time management skills by breaking your schedule down hour by hour or even by the half hour.

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The Best Planners with Time Slots

​Are planners good for time management?

YES! I planner can certainly help you stay organized, on time, and on task throughout your day. This way you can reach your daily goals, remember important dates, and never miss those due dates for work again. Choosing the right planner can be a task, but I’m sharing my top planners for hourly planning, whether you are planning work or home, they’ll help you ensure you are leaving enough time for your most important tasks.

There are several benefits to time blocking with an hourly planner. Here are a few-

1. Increased productivity. By taking a realistic look at your day and how long tasks take to complete you can plug tasks in throughout the day to really maximize your time whether that’s at work or at home. Scheduling all of your daily tasks into your weekly schedule or daily planner template can help you accomplish even more.

2. When you know how long tasks take- don’t be afraid to actually time yourself and measure it in real time, it can greatly improve your time management when paired with time blocking your daily life. You can prioritize the most important tasks and make sure they make it into your day first, and then fill in the rest of your day with the remaining tasks you’d like to make time for.

3. You can create better work/life balance, or improve any areas of your life that are off balance, really. By having a large overview of how you are spending your time it is easy to spot ways that you are wasting time, and ways you can move things around or omit things all together to make time for your prioritites.

4. You can reduce your stress and anxiety by planning ahead and having a clear plan for your entire day. You’ll know what needs to get done and when you are going to do it during your daily routine. You can really get a handle on time management in your personal life and work life with an hourly planner.

5. Time blocking in your planner is a great way to hold yourself accountable and see where you are truly just wasting time throughout your day. It can help you get an honest look at your own time management on a regular basis.

6. Reaching your big goals. By implementing action steps daily into your hour by hour plans, you’ll get closer than ever to all of those goals you want to accomplish.

There are a lot of free printable daily planners, or other printable planners you can use, but I have some planners that I really love and I know have motivated me and kept me organized.

Here are my favorite planners with time slots included-

1. The Erin Condren Daily Duo

This was my daily planner of choice for a long time. When I had kids both at school and at home with me, a house to run, and a business, it was more important than ever to see how I was spending my days and really nail down my time management, and I used the Daily Duo to do it. The Daily Duo gives you pages for everyday, a whole page dedicated with an hour by hour breakdown on the left and to-do lists and other ways to get organized on the right. If you want a lot of space to write in your planner each day, this might be the best planner for you.

erin condren daily duo planner with colorful markers

2. The Erin Condren Hourly Planner

This hourly version of the Erin Condren Life Planner gives you hourly time blocks for each day of the week, but they are all situated within one weekly view layout. You can still plan your day hour by hour, and have that great overview of your whole week that we are used to with a weekly planner. If you love a planner with weekly layouts but still want that time blocking option, this planner is a great choice.

erin condren hourly planner on a desk with colorful highlighters

3. The Day Designer

The Day Designer creates some truly gorgeous planners that are all about- you guessed it- designing your day. Their daily planner has a time blocking section with time slots, as well as a spot for your to-do list, notes, and gratitude. I feel like if you have a truly busy schedule everyday, a daily planner can be a great way to stay on top of things.

day designer planner open on a desk

You can find planners today that have both a daily timeline view in the form of a daily layout where you can focus specifically on each single day, as well as those with weekly planner templates that let you break down your daily schedule hour by hour for all of the days of the week on one page, or one two-page spread. A planner that has time slots can be a great weekly planning tool. There are truly lots of hourly planners out there with time slots- even Happy Planner releases new hourly designs occasionally, but I personally love the 3 that I covered here, they are the best hourly planners in my opinion. For daily planning I think that the Daily Duo and the Day Designer are the best options, and I don’t think anyone beats the Erin Condren hourly for a weekly overview with time slots right now. The important thing is to find the planner that works best for you, but hopefully this gives you a starting point if you know you want to use an hourly planner.

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