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I have been working on even more inserts recently, and I wanted to share a new freebie with you! You can download my printable notes pages in A5 (Half Letter), personal, and pocket size! I hope you love these free printable inserts and they get a ton of use in your planner.

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Free Printable Inserts | Notes Pages

Okay, so first off, here’s how to get the freebie. Just sign up for my email list, below, and you’ll get access to my whole library of free printables, plus updates each week about new content here on the blog, new free printables, and more.

a5 size dot grid inserts

Then, here’s how you’ll use these free printables. They’re simple to print, I’ve got them set up so they can be printed on standard letter size paper, so there is no need to find a special paper size or anything like that.

What paper should I use?

I recommend these paper options for printing planner inserts-

How do I print the inserts?

Now, if you are wanting to print the A5 size notes pages, you’ll just set your printer up normally, print at ‘actual size’ and trim them right in half. There are cut marks if you need a guide in the center of the page for these inserts.

insert printing instructions

Now, for both the personal size inserts and the pocket size, you’ll set things up a little bit differently. You’ll click over to ‘multiple‘ and then for pages per sheet you’ll select 2, and for page order, horizontal.

The personal and pocket size both have cross hairs so you can know exactly where they need to be trimmed, so if your printer doesn’t have the option to print multiple pages on one, that’s okay. You can print them individually and the cross hairs will show you where to trim, but you’ll save a lot of paper if you can print multiple on one page. Just remember if you don’t do multiple to always select ‘actual size’ so your inserts will come out the correct size.

Once you are done printing, you can use any insert hole punch, or if you are looking for a hole punch, I recommend this one. It does A5, personal, and pocket size all with one punch, so you can’t beat that. It also has some really handy marks to line up your pages by.

free printable inserts- personal size lined notes pages example

I hope you enjoy these free printable inserts. I love having a stash of notes pages just to jot down anything I might need to, or to make lists. If you like these, you’ll also love these free printable to buy list inserts from Wendaful.

Where can I find more printable inserts?

When you sign up for my email list, you get access to my whole library of printables, and then I also have even more printable inserts over in my etsy shop.

So don’t forget to sign up for the freebies, and be sure and tag me on Instagram if you print and use these in your planner. You can tag me at @sarahw0513 and #planninginspired

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