2018 Goal Setting Worksheet + How to Set Your Goals

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Hey ya’ll! I’m back with an updated 2018 goal setting worksheet for you. You guys absolutely loved this printable last year, so I updated it to reflect 2018, and I have some fun things coming over the next month to get you guys ready to make 2018 awesome! Scroll to the end to get this “Big Plans” printable, free!

2018 Goal Setting Worksheet + How to Set Your Goals

In a couple of weeks I am launching my entire set of 2018 goal setting printables + a 7 day mini e course to get you planning and achieving your goals in 2018. To be notified when this becomes available, and download the Big Plans free printable, sign up below!

The 2018 Goal Setting E-Course is gone, but you can still get the printable set below!

Okay, so today let’s go ahead and talk about goal setting and the steps we need to take to figure out WHAT we want to accomplish, WHY we want to accomplish it, and HOW to make it happen in 2018.


When I get ready to start goal setting, I like to sit down and brainstorm what it is I’d like to make happen in my life. Do you want to change your career, or start your own business? Are you looking to take control of your health? No matter what you want to accomplish, you CAN make it happen. Start by writing it down on paper. It doesn’t need to be neat or fancy just get your thoughts out on paper. Call it a brain dump, even though I hate that phrase. Haha!

Get Clarity

Next, I want you to get clear on exactly what you want. Pick your top 5 things you’d like to accomplish from your brain dump, and get really clear on what that would look like for you. If better health is your goal, break it down. Do you want to lose extra weight? How much? Do you want to run a 5k? Set clear goals for yourself- the clearer the better.

Action Steps

Once you know exactly WHAT you want to accomplish, you need to figure out HOW you are going to make it happen. Break your goal down into actionable steps that you’ll need to take. What will you need to do each month, week, or everyday that will bring you closer to your goal. Write these down, too.

Know Your WHY

The thing that is going to carry us through the long term process of making changes in our life and reaching our goals is motivation. At the heart of motivation, is WHY we want to make changes. Knowing your why can help you remained focused and keep in the front of your mind how achieving your goals will change your life. For each of your goals, write down your WHY.

These tips will have you well on your way to setting your 2018 goals. These are the steps that I always take. It is so fun for me brainstorming my goals, finding out my why, and breaking everything down into actionable tasks that I can do to reach them.

To download the free printable, sign up below.

Happy Planning!

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