DIY Weight Loss Countdown Jar

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DIY Weight Loss Countdown Jar

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Okay, so you might know I’m getting back on track with my weight loss journey now that it’s the first of the year. I’ve seen these babies floating around on Pinterest, and I wanted to make one of my own. I figured, why not share how I put mine together with you guys?!

So, supplies I used…

-two smooth mason jars

-two bags (could have just gotten one) of jar filler marbles

scrapbooking sticker letters

DIY Weight Loss Countdown Jar

It was super easy to put together, I just fixed the letters how I wanted them on the jar and was basically done. I will say though, watch how big the letters are, I thought I wanted these big letters but they ended up not working for my jar like I wanted and that’s why I ended up just putting “lbs” instead of pounds. But the idea is you put a rock for every pound you want to lose in your “pounds to go” jar and you move one over each time you lose a pound. It’s a great way to stay motivated to keep losing weight!

Here’s my finished product-

DIY Weight Loss Countdown Jar

I love it! Have you made your own weight loss countdown jar??

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  1. Love it! I already have all I need to make my own. Good luck to you on your healthy eating program!


  2. Awesome countdown jar! That would have been fun to do. Good luck on losing weight. I lost 30 lbs with MyFitnessPal. I decided to go slow and steady, working more on an overall change in how I eat and incorporating exercise into my weekly routine. Keeping track of Calories in/out really worked! Hope you keep motivated into the new year!

  3. So creative, this is seriously the best thing I have ever seen!! Such a great way to visualize your progress and see how far you’ve come, I am sooo doing this!! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  4. This is great…I always need a visual reminder to stick with my goals. Thanks for linking up to Hit Me With Your Best Shot last week! Hope to see you again tomorrow night at 7 EST! Excited to see what you’ve been up to!

    ~Ariean {}

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