Free Fitness Planner Printables

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Our free Fitness Planner Printables are a great way to track your fitness goals or your fitness journey. From tracking your daily exercise to keeping a food journal, these free Fitness Planner sets have everything you need to keep track of your healthier lifestyle.

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Free Fitness Planner Printables

These free fitness planner printables come in 3 different color styles (blue/gray, black and white, or bright and colorful, and each one includes two sizes- letter size and half letter size (prints two to a page on letter size paper). This planner is only for personal use, but you can print as many pages as you need! These pages offer plenty of space for you to track all of your fitness plans and anything else you might want to plan or track on your weight loss journey.

Here are all of the printable planner pages included-

  • Weight Loss Goals Worksheet – set your goals, define your “why”, and keep track of your progress towards rewards for reaching goals!
  • Vitamins & Supplements Log – keep track of any vitamins or supplements you take.
  • Food Diary Sheet – log your food to look for patterns with health symptoms or weight loss progress, or use this as a weekly meal planner. There is even space to track your water intake.
  • Calorie Reference Sheet – an easy reference page for the most frequently eaten foods.
  • Weekly Workout Log – use as an exercise or workout tracker for each week, or use as a workout planner.
  • Measurements Log – track your progress with your measurements to reflect on inches lost
  • Weight Tracker – use this weight loss tracker to track your progress on the scale.
  • Running + Walking Log – track miles walked/ran – also helpful for training for events!
  • Strength Workouts Tracker – keep track of progress with your strength training workouts.
  • This Month’s Fitness Monthly Summary Page – reflect on the month and what worked, what didn’t…
  • Health & Fitness Cover Page

Here are a few reasons why this printable fitness planner can help you work towards your goals-

  • Tracking health goals is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it provides a clear picture of our progress and allows us to assess whether we are moving in the right direction. By monitoring metrics like weight, body measurements, or fitness levels, we can objectively determine if our efforts are paying off and make informed adjustments to our approach if necessary.
  • Tracking health goals promotes accountability. When we record our activities and outcomes, we hold ourselves responsible for our actions, fostering a sense of commitment and discipline. 
  • Tracking health goals helps identify patterns and trends over time, enabling us to recognize what factors positively or negatively impact our well-being. By analyzing the data we collect, we can make better-informed decisions about our diet, exercise routines, sleep patterns, and stress management. 
  • Finally, tracking health goals provides a sense of achievement and boosts motivation. Celebrating milestones and reaching targets serves as a reminder of our dedication and hard work, which can inspire us to set new goals and continue on our path to improved health and well-being.

You can pop these free fitness planner printables right into your A5 size planner whether it is a ringbound like filofax or discbound like an arc notebook, or you can use the letter size pages to create your own fitness binder, or in a BIG size Happy Planner. If you’d like to resize these pages for the classic size Happy Planner I have a tutorial for that, too. Or, you can simply print these pages and post them onto your refrigerator- totally up to you. You can make your own DIY free printable fitness journal, or just use the printables to help you stay organized with your healthy habits or exercise program.

For digital planners- you can absolutely use these pages in your digital planners as well, see our tutorial on how to add PDF pages to your digital planner.

To download these free printables, and get access to the rest of the free printables on the site, sign up for our email newsletter below-

I hope you enjoy this printable fitness tracker. If you are just getting started using printables in your planner, check out our guide on getting started with planners and printables. Using printables is a great way to save money on your planning. All you need is an inexpensive printer, and then I highly recommend using an HP printer with HP Instant Ink, it is a great deal because you pay per sheet for the ink, no matter how much ink is used on that page. Sometimes planning printables can be pretty ink-heavy, so this helps a lot.

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    1. The link for the page with all of my freebies will open, and will also come to your email when you confirm your subscription. It will ask for a password before you can see the list.

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