Happy Planner Layouts

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In today’s post we’re talking about the different Happy Planner layouts you can purchase, that way hopefully you’ll have a better idea of how to choose the perfect Happy Planner and perfect layout for you! Over the years, Happy Planner has come out with more and more different sized planners and weekly layouts for those different sizes! Today we’re just talking about the Classic Happy Planner layouts (7×9 inch planner).

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Happy Planner Layouts

If you want to know more about the different Happy Planner sizes, you can check out my Happy Planner page size guide!

First up is the Classic Happy Planner vertical layout. This layout has 3 box rows for each day Monday-Sunday. The boxes are 1.5 inches wide, so they fit your favorite sticker kits. You can use this layout to plan three different areas of your life, you can divide your day up by Morning, Afternoon, and Evening, or really however you want to with this layout. I’d say that it’s the most popular layout, nearly tied with the horizontal. See the vertical Happy Planners.

Happy Planner Layouts

The horizontal layout Happy Planner has 4 horizontal boxes on each page, Monday-Thursday on one page and Friday, Saturday, Sunday, plus a box for notes on the other. There are some really creative planner people out there who find ways to divide up the horizontal boxes and make a super cute layout for planning their day. For me, when I think of horizontal planner pages, I think of journaling or memory keeping. See all of the Horizontal Happy Planners.

Happy Planner Layouts

The colorblock layout is a newer Happy Planner layout, I’ve seen this layout described as being a “family planner” because you can assign each box to a different family member. Each day is divided into 6 even vertical boxes, each one being a different “color” usually, a shade of gray and white. Saturday and Sunday on this layout are not color blocked, which makes this even better for a mom or someone who is mostly planning for Monday-Friday. See all of the available color block layout planners from The Happy Planner.

Happy Planner Layouts

The dashboard layout Happy Planner is a lot of fun. I think dashboards were original to the Erin Condren planners, but lots of people love them, and this planner by Happy Planner gives you one for every week! The weekly spreads are across two pages. You have the dashboard on the left. It gives you spaces to write errands to run, to-do lists, calls/emails, notes, and a focus for the week. Then, the other side has Monday-Sunday in equal horizontal half boxes. So, there isn’t a ton of room for writing on the days of the week, but it gives you a way to plan more-so overall for the whole week. See all of the dashboard layout planners.

Happy Planner Layouts

The Fitness and Wellness Happy Planners have similar layouts, with slightly different wording. Each day, Monday-Sunday is divided into a few different sections. They give you space for writing down your intention for the day, keeping track of your meals or nutrition, movement or exercise, and then an extra space for notes. You’ll notice slight changes across these planners but this is the main idea for them, to support your wellness journey. You can see all of the fitness planners available, as well as the wellness planners, too.

Happy Planner Layouts

The hourly layout Happy Planner has each day organized vertically, with a bigger planning block and a space below to plan your day hour by hour. I don’t know that any are currently available but you never know when they may be added. You can check here for any hourly planners.

Happy Planner also has a daily layout! We don’t talk about it a lot because we are big Daily Duo fans here, but The Happy Planner has a planner with daily pages where you can write your priorities, reminders, to do list for the day, as well as some other boxes you can customize for your needs. Each day of the week has a full page in this planner. Their daily planners include 4 months of daily pages. See the daily Happy Planners.

Also similar to Erin Condren, Happy Planner has a monthly layout planner now. The monthly planner does not have weekly pages, just a month planner for you to do your monthly spread each month and note pages. See all of the month only Happy Planners here.

Happy Planner Layouts

Finally, the Recovery Layout, which is new to my collection of planners this year, is a style of the dashboard layout, but the dashboard has a place to set your intention for the week, a top 3 habit tracker, daily to-dos, notes, and a weekly check in for your mental health. Then, the other page has daily planning sections where you can also track your mood, plus, a place to write gratitude for each day. See all of the Recovery Happy Planners.

Happy Planner Layouts

Also on the site, I see there are a few other layouts I don’t have, but that you might be interested in.

The Happy Planner is one of my most favorite planner systems. They have colorful planners in styles and designs to suit everyone. You can purchase them from the Happy Planner website and also in stores at Michaels stores (in 2023 they are minimizing their planner sections), Joanns, Hobby Lobby, and now even Walmart! We love checking out all of the different Happy Planners each time they do a new release. They really do have something for everyone’s different personal preference. I’ve been sharing my favorite Happy Planners and how I’ve combined more than one together and done all kinds of things to plan creatively with Happy Planner for several years, I am obsessed. I hope you enjoyed this look at some of the different Happy Planner layouts!

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If you need functional stickers for your Happy Planner, be sure and stop by our shop!

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