Powersheets Goal Planner Review

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Planner friends! I’m so excited to share my Powersheets Goal Planner review! I chose this planner for my goal setting for 2022, and I love it so much! I spent so many years experiencing FOMO over this planner, so I knew I wanted to grab one for 2022. We are coming out of the pandemic, my goals have been really neglected for a couple of years, and I couldn’t wait to dive in.

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Powersheets Goal Planner

I also need to preface this Powersheets goal planner review by saying that at the time of this post (March 2020), Cultivate What Matters Powersheets are sold out for the year. However, I still wanted to put this out there for those making their decisions next year! You can visit their site and sign up with your email so you’ll know ASAP when they become available again.

Quality of the Powersheets Book

Alright, so it is worth noting that my planner was packaged inside this beautiful box. The box was also packaged inside of plastic, so it was protected. This is super cute and definitely can be reused for other things once you unbox your powersheets goal planner.

It also came with a cute little enamel pin, as well.

Powersheets Goal Planner

I feel like just looking through this planner the quality is absolutely there. I know many don’t prefer these double o-ring binding styles, but I don’t mind them. The paper is high quality and thick, and the graphics and foiling are beautiful. As for quality, this planner nails it.

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Powersheets Goal Planner

The Powersheets Process

The first thing I want to note about the Powersheets is just how in-depth the process is. This planner goes deep into your goal setting, grading different areas of your life. You’ll reflect on areas you want to change, etc… to help you get started with your annual goals. This is the most in-depth goal planner I’ve seen.

However, this can be intimidating for some. There are videos that walk you through the process, but I didn’t use those. The thing that worked best for me was just working on a few pages at a time. I chose to do them in the carpool line where it was quiet and I could really focus.

Powersheets Goal Planner

This process was great, to me. I know I was watching Cindy from Llama Letters video about goal setting this year. She said she wasn’t using Powersheets, because she had done all this prep work for the past few years. She said it just didn’t feel like it was necessary for her at this point.

I totally got that, but felt like I was really wanting to dive in and focus on goals. This book is perfect for what I needed. If you are revamping your process, starting over, or feeling like you need a goal overhaul, this planner is perfect.

Are Powersheets Worth It?

This is the real question everyone wants answered- are Powersheets worth it? Absolutely! This planner is everything you need to really focus in on your goals. It is so thorough and will have you diving deep into your life. You’ll consider areas for improvement and all of the things you’d like to change.

Let’s keep looking through the book and then we’ll talk about the cost!

Powersheets Goal Planner

Monthly Goal Planning with Powersheets

Alright, so let’s talk about what you have for each month. This planner is strictly a goal planner. It isn’t really meant to be able to hold your other weekly plans, daily planning, or anything like that. In that sense- the monthly pages are pretty simple.

Powersheets Goal Planner

First, you have a monthly layout where you can write in plans and events. You could even map out actions you want to take on your goals throughout the month. Before your monthly layout you have a “Prepare Well” page where you can write out important things to do, what’s on your mind, and more. Then, after your monthly layout you have two pages for goal setting.

Powersheets Goal Planner

First is the “Brainstorm Your Month” page, where you’ll brainstorm where you focus your time. You’ll write your monthly, weekly, and daily ideas. Finally, is the “Tending List” which is the Powersheets magic. This page gives you space to write your monthly and weekly action items, plus daily actions/habits you want to do everyday. At the end of the month section you have a “Month in Review” page where you can reflect on the past month.

Powersheets Goal Planner

How Much Do Powersheets Cost?

The Powersheets goal planner costs $62, and orders over $59 ship free, so it would qualify you for that. That comes out to about $5 a month for goal setting, if you prefer to look at it that way. The bottom line is some people will think this is high for a planner that only does goals, and some people will really want to focus on their goals and see the value here. It is totally up to you and your preferences.

I definitely plan to purchase Powersheets again next year. This planner was purchased with my own money, I’m not on their PR list or anything like that. I just wanted to share my thoughts on the book with you, because I know it was a bit overwhelming trying to decide on if this was what I really needed.

Also, for what it’s worth, here are 3 of my favorite accessories to go with your Powersheets goal planner-

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  1. Thank you for this post! I have been curious about the Powersheets Goal Planner, but for me it’s a little on the pricey side. I already have a pretty good goal setting and tracking system in place, but I’m always looking for new ideas. I do love how in-depth it is though and I do believe it would be worth it. Having read your thoughts on them, they are definitely not off my list yet! Thank you for your thoughts on it.

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