Free Printable School Planner Stickers

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My school planner stickers are some of the most popular in my shop, but I felt like they needed a little bit of a makeover for 2018. My son just started Kindergarten this year, so I am excited to use these in my planner. You can sign up for my email list below to download this sheet for yourself to print and cut. I’ve included image files, PDF files, and a silhouette cut file for you, as well. I hope you enjoy these free planner sticker printables and they make your school year a little more organized.

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Free Printable School Planner Stickers

When I am printing and cutting my own stickers, I use this printer to print them, I use online labels sticker paper, and then I cut them on my Silhouette Portrait. I have really good luck using the preset white sticker paper cut setting with my portrait, and my stickers turn out great.

If you are new to printable planner stickers, be sure and check out our full guide to printable stickers, including how to use them, resources on where to find them, and more.

To download these free stickers, just sign up for my email newsletter below.

Here are some of my favorite sticker-making supplies-

Free Printable School Planner Stickers

I included a little bit of everything in these school planner stickers and stuck with watercolor styled clipart, I just love it. I used up some extra space with some half boxes and quarter boxes that you can use for special school events or announcements.

If you are interested in stickers that are printed, cut, and shipped to you ready to use in your planner, be sure to check out our Etsy shop.

Free Printable School Planner Stickers

These were a lot of fun to design, and I hope you get to print and cut them and enjoy them in your planner, too. Sign up below to join my email list and get your link to my whole library of free printable stickers.

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