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Laundry Planner Stickers

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Guys, do you want to know the worst thing that can happen on a busy back to school morning? Waking up to find that no one has any clean clothes because the laundry mountain has gone unattended again. It is literally the worst, or so I’ve heard, ahem. So, a mission of mine this year has been to stay on top of the laundry the best that I can. I’ve been working on my laundry routine and I wanted to share it with you guys today in hopes that it may inspire you to create your own laundry routine that brings a little more peace and gives you one less thing to worry about. I’ve also created some printable laundry planner stickers that you can download and print and pop into your planner. I hope you enjoy these free planner sticker printables and that they help you get a handle on your laundry, too.

Laundry Routine + Laundry Planner Stickers

Okay, so these stickers have a cute heart checklist that takes you through one load, start to finish. If I could offer any piece of advice on taming the laundry, it’s making sure you do each load to completion, because it is too easy to let it sit in the washing machine, or the dryer, forgotten. That’s what I’m doing- one load of clothes laundry every single day. Then, I do the bigger things- towels, sheets, etc… on the weekend, and use that time to catch up, if I need it. This routine of doing a load every day really helps to keep things running smoothly.

Depending on your laundry volume, you could maybe even do this every other day, and still keep things under control.

Laundry Routine + Laundry Planner Stickers

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If you are new to printable planner stickers, before you download your laundry planner stickers, I have a tutorial on how to print and cut printable stickers. Then, check out our full guide to printable stickers.

Laundry Routine + Laundry Planner Stickers

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  1. I love your stickers!!! And I love Gain and Dollar General stores! I hope you have more posts featuring them in the future 🙂

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